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I had just installed iTunes and had sync'd my iPod so I then went ahead to synch my iPhone - When I plugged in my phone it said there is a software update available and do I want to update - I said yes. When it had finished I looked on my phone and I had lost everything - contacts, music, pics, vids Everything. So I suppose i'm asking if there is anything I can do to recover the lost content. In effect "Does iPhone automatically back up when updating the OS"?. Any help would be appreciated (not expecting joyous news).

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    If you click restore it wont do a backup, if you click update and restore it should create a backup automatically, this is not always the case though, what can happen is the backup, sync or whatever maybe stopped by you or a glitch and the backup process never completes so a backup is never done.


    So the answer is it should do, but its not worth risking it, always manually right mouse click on your iphone and select backup before doing an update.

    If the backup fails on an update it usually doesnt tell you this has happened.


    Also a backup will only backup camera roll, and phone settings, app saves, sms, email settings, etc.  It does not backup your apps, music and videos, these need to be transfered to your pc with transfer purchases.