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  • Sergio Zambrano Level 1 (90 points)

    The title of this discussion was if Lion Solved that. (messing the stack at the first keystroke, before to actually cycling the windows as a real stack)

    If I need help to do it in another way I'd ask so. Thanks for your effort. Actually you stopping replying would encourage others to help. Thanks.


    I'm clearly using shortcuts to jump through windows, applications, documents, and working with many documents in a stack serially. It's clear that I'm looking for the fast way to do it, to get the pile done, rather than bury myself in a shower of papers.


    My system (and any other researcher) is the following:


    1. I open a search results page, and command-click all the ones I'm interested in. That gives me lots of tabs.

    2. Then I read each and figure out which ones are actually important. Only the importants will remain open.

    3. If some tab takes me to a new page, I'd open it in a new window, so I don't get lost.

    4. At this point, if there was a way to jump between tabs, without having to know the number of the tab (command-#) or its name, and having a shortcut i.e. <-previous next-> I'd love it, but since there is none, once I finished opening as-many-as-I-can-stand search results, I move them to a new window for the last part.

    5. At last, I have MANY windows, some with a piece of info, code, advice, or anything else I want to try, copy, paste it in a text document… and I need to do it one by one, or I'd go crazy. Since they are not MY documents, I don't know them by the look, or by the name. I can only sanely work with them if they are e.g. the processed ones at my left-hand side, and the finished ones at my right-hand side. And when I finish with one, I NEED TO PASS IT TO THE RIGHT, not send it back to the left pile, hidden below the next one!


    Anyone working with internet files (looking for lyrics, recipes, repair instructions, reviews, good prices…) use the browser windows in this intensive way.


    So, as I said, there are two missing behavior, that could be offered with just one behavior assigned to the OPTION key.

  • Barney-15E Level 8 (46,319 points)

    4: Add it to Safari (shown below) or your browser of choice (if it supports it).

    Screen Shot 2012-06-29 at 9.31.27 PM.png

  • Sergio Zambrano Level 1 (90 points)

    Barney, you are the man!


    Since the day this started to bother me, I wanted something in the OS, since chrome seemed to rely on what the OS allows it, and at some point Chrome included it in the menus, so it's there now, in my Snow Leopard!


    Watching the sky for rain, I didn't notice the water from the spring until it touched my feet




    PS: I didn't understand what is what you want me to "add it to Safari". Is that an app?, An applescript?

  • applxperience Level 1 (10 points)

    Barney, I was logged in with my other account (which was created by Apple forcing me to "login with my email", so now I have 2 accts and I have to login with both th update apps, etc) and in the rush I clicked "this solved my question" in the last post, which was mine


    I can't find how to take it back, but if you know how to, or some moderator can please!, feel free to change it or tell me what to do.


    Thanks again.

  • Barney-15E Level 8 (46,319 points)

    Safari is Apple's web browser. You can go to next and previous tabs using the menus I displayed.


    When you said you wanted to move between tabs, that's what I thought you were talking about.

    If the program you are using has menu items for moving between tabs, you should be able to set up shortcuts for those menu commands in the Keyboard System Preferences.


    I also notified the moderators per you next post. I'm not sure what they can do, though.

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