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John Weber Level 1 (55 points)

We are having issues with Apple Remote Desktop connecting to a couple of servers. Server version varies. It is happening on one server running 10.6.8 and one computer running 10.5.8 and one running 10.4.11


When we connect to the server it appears to connect (the computer shows up in the windows menu) but the window to the computer does not show up. It is almost as if there is a no pixel window open. I have tried forcing the VNC server and ARD processes on the server but this doesn't change anything. The only solution for this problem is to restart the server and then ARD works noramlly for a while but it will eventually return to this behavior.


Has anyone else run into this problem?

  • TeenTitan Level 4 (2,410 points)

    when the issue happens, can you connect using other proticals / programs? ie VNC via connect to computer in the go menu of finder? OR ssh in the terminal to connect to the server?


    if you can ssh into the server, you could try the kickstart command to restart ARD.


    if you can't connect to the server at all. Can you ping the server? Ether way, if you go to the server , will it browse the internet?


    if you can't ping the server, are you using the Fully qualified DNS name to ping? or the IP to ping? or the server.local name to ping?