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Since upgrading to iOS5 from my .mac/mobileme account, I am unable to access my email when I am at work.  I have asked our IT department if they have changed any settings at their end, and they have said they have changed nothing.  It always worked fine before, but now I get nothing, and it's the same situation on my iPhone 4.


Any ideas to why this is the case?


Many thanks!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Have you actually migrated your MobileMe account at http://me.com/move ? If so, then on Lion Macs you need to enter the account at System Prefences>iCloud, and on an iPhone follow these instructions:




    On any pre-Lion computers you will need to enter the email settings manually.

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    Hi, thanks for your reply.


    Yep, I changed over as soon as I had the option to do so.  It works fine at home and anywhere else, it just doesn't work at my work place, even though when I was on MobileMe, and .Mac before that, I had no problems.

    Really confused to what it could be?!

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    Presumably at work you are connecting through their internet connection? Are you using one of their computers or your phone - if the latter presumably through their wifi?


    The difference with iCloud email from MobileMe is that it requires SSL. If you are using one of their computers, make sure it is correctly set up with SSL enabled. If you are using your iPhone and their wifi their firewall may be blocking SSL connections - you'll have to ask them.

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    I'm using my MacBook Pro and also my iPhone.  Thanks for the info regarding SSL - I wasn't aware of that.  I will speak to the IT department here to see if their firewall is blocking SSL connections.


    Thank you so much for your help!