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Does anyone know how to set a Favicon to a specific Wiki in Apple's Wiki Server?  I have about 5 Wiki's and I'd like to have a different Favicon for each one.  Where do I save the Favicon file?  If you are only limited to one Favicon for the entire server, where would I put the Favicon file?


Thanks for your help!

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    This is a belated reply but I have the same question:

    I'd like to set  a different favicon for each wiki site, but can't find out how to do that.

    Can anybody help?


    As for the favicon for the entire website, I think it should be placed here:


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    OK I've figured out...


    Basically, what's written in Extending_Your_Wiki_Server.pdf applies to this particular subject.


    Therefore, as written at the bottom of page 27 and after, you copy all the .xsl files from /usr/share/wikid/lib/apple_templates to your chosen wiki theme folder (located inside /Library/Application Support/Apple/WikiServer/Themes/), then edit default.xsl that you copied to specify the custom favicon.

    (You may place your custom favicon file inside /Library/WebServer/Documents/ .)


    Some caveats:


    • You have to copy all the .xsl files, not only default.xsl.
    • You have to change the xsl:include paths in every .xsl files you copied so that they point to the new .xls files in the Themes folder.
    • The obove paths to the Themes folder porbably include Application Support, which you must write Application%20Support in order to make it work properly.
    • You have to restart the web service so that the modifications take effect.


    And in order to have different favicons for each wiki site you have to make different wiki theme for each one and repeat the same thing.