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I use Airplay with a Denon receiver (RCD-N7) and Airport Extreme as well as with Airport Express for my Bose speakers. Problem is sound is often lost on both of them. Even though I'm on an 8 megabit Internet cable connection and there seems to be no interference nearby (according to IStumbler). This is, of course, very annoying. Sound goes out and then sometimes comes back without interference. But most of the time I have uncheck/check the multiple speaker button on ITunes. Tried with my MacBook Pro (running Lion) with same result.

This is a brand new system and setup. I'd hate to find out that Airplay is not realiable after having spent all this $ on it

Any ideas/help


PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    No reply after more than 1wk and 58 views !

    Reading on other forums, it seems Airply is far from perfect. Totally unreliable at times. Works fine for 10 or 15 minutes then sounds starts dropping in and out. I even went as far as replacing the Denon receiver, but same thing happens with new unit !!

    Someone suggested that Iphone was the culpit so I took mine off the network but still sounds is choppy. Same thing with my Bose speakers connected with Airport Xpress ! Problem is definitely with Airplay but no one seems to offer any kind of solution (and certainly not Apple !)

    BTW i'm on ITunes 10.5.3 (3) on both computers

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    We have an iMac running Lion, a MacBook running snow leopard, an iPad 2 and an iPad 3 here.  None of them are able to stream video I have paid for to our Apple TV (version 2, I believe).  Clicking the recommended icon in iTunes desktop does not bring up any sort of Airplay menu.  I will mention that we have a Sonicwall TZ200W security router that uses WPA protection.  In another thread, someone suggested that the problem was with WPA2, but switching to WPA (TKIP) solved the problem.


    Someone from Apple needs to address this problem asap.  I spent a couple of hours last night trying to track down a solution with no luck.


    Tony Lima

    Silicon Valley, CA

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    I have iTunes 10.6.1 (7) an Airport Extream Version 6.0 Airport Utility (600.92) That I use with two airport express stations, an Apple TV 2nd Generation with latest software up date.  Also have Ipad 3rd Generation and two I phone 4's.


    Issue:  After installing the latest Airport Utility software update I'm unable to connect to my remote speakers in iTunes.   The speakers are visible in the pop up menu but iTunes times out when trying to connect.  If I use remote to select Apple TV and then via Apple TV select my Computers Library I'm able to play music on the Apple TV / Home Speakers... but still not the Airport Express Stations.


    When using remote on the iPhone or iPad the speakers are visible as well but I'm unable to select them... iTunes times out.


    I can steam music from that is on my iPhone or iPad to each individual speaker, but multiple speaker control is not available and the music from my library is not available.


    I believe the problem is in the Airplay feature of iTunes and I believe the problems arise when you install the latest version of Airport Utility. 



    You can play on remote speakers, only one at a time, and only if you have the music on a stand alone device (iPhone or iPad)... in summary, bypass iTunes and you can be successful... marginally successful.

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    You should test your AE by firstly pluggin into the 3.5 mm plug with your headphones if the sound is good through both ears and doesn't fluctuate then the problem is to do with the way the AE is communicating with the stereo. It mioght be the cable but i doubt it.


    I get terrible sound from my AE into my Yamaha Amp and it's crystal clear if i just disconnect one of the chanels, either left or right is fine without the other being used. Yet when i plug in my bose headphones the sound is perfect through both chanels to the headphones? i haven't yet solved the problem myself one option is to try using optical audio into the stereo but thats a last resort. And 3.5 mm to RCA should work?

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    Ok I tried a few different things, changed cables and still the same problem, tried playing the sound direct from my laptop and still the same problem which eliminagted the AE as the problem, I then relised that at some point someone had selected Pro Logic on my Aax setting, which explains why the sound would start fading in and out and dropping quality, the steroe would detect a stereo signal and then try to distrute it to 5 speakers, which on my system don't exist, I only use two big techincs speakers, so Pro Logic was the problem, I turned the effect off and the sound was instantly improved no more fading in and out. I'm not sure if your sound drop out is the same but check that your stereo's settings are not casuing a problem.


    Also the sound coming out of your itunes should be set to almost maximum, then simply adjust your speaker volume on the stereo second, the reason being that if you are using RCA connectors you want as much signal as possible, if you lower the volume at the Mac end you have less quality at the other end. This alpplies to all MP3 devices connecting to stereos.


    So make sure all effects are off on your stereo. And test to see if the sound coming out of the AE through your headphones is clear and accurate. If it's not then your AE is not working / receiving properly. I hope this helps.

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    If you have an Atv, use the remote app to play songs wirelessly and it goes away...we shouldn't have to do that but it works...Remote plays the songs from the Atv and not wirelessly from the iPad/iPhone. I am not talking about home sharing, but an itunes match capable Atv, playing songs through itunes match using the remote app.

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    Just to clarify fo anyone one picking up on this type of issue - Volume increasing and decreasing in a frustrating cycle when watchin gAir Play form apple device to apple TV

    2 things to check.

    Volume on your apple device should be full or 95% at least.

    Ensure you deactivate any 3D effects or wierd digital effects on your amp / sound system and you should get away from the volume increasing and decreasing while using airplay.


    I was getting this issue from my mini mac through to my apple TV and found the above sorted it right out.


    Good luck.

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