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  • chanti234 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    what ever happened with the corroded iphone charging port? im going through this issue now.

  • chanti234 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    what ever came of the corroded phone issue, im having it now... help

  • chanti234 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    please give me email address so i can forward u the pic verizon sent me of my corroded phone, im having this charge dispute issue now, i wanna file BBB claim. what ever came of ur issue?

  • chanti234 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    i sent u my pics.

  • Meg St._Clair Level 8 Level 8 (44,280 points)

    chanti234 wrote:


    what ever happened with the corroded iphone charging port? im going through this issue now.

    I've never had that problem.

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    I'm going through the same issue. I've only had my iphone for for a few months, I never bring it in the shower, never have it out in the rain, never spilled anything on it...the other day it just died. took it to the apple store and the "genius" claims that although the water damage marker hasn't turned red, there is corrosion inside the phone?? He says it could be water damage from sweat, apparently it's completely common for iphones to get water damge from sweat seeping through arm bands?? How is that acceptable? That is a huge design flaw if you can't use a phone whose major secondary purpose is a media player, at the gym, where they market it's usage!

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    So I'm getting more and more angry as I read this. Just got back from Apple Store, where they said my wife's phone had corrosion inside the port and therefore the warranty is voided. It's never been submerged, but one day the screen went blank with vertical lines. They didn't even look inside it, just said I'd have to pay $199 for a new phone. I said **** no and went to the AT&T store, where I planned to get a different brand of phone. The AT&T guy looked at it and couldn't believe Apple wouldn't take it back. He suggested I try again. I took it back and saw a different tech and got the same answer. I'm a loyal, lifelong Apple user, but this experience makes me believe it's time for a divorce.

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    poot wrote:


    I'm a loyal, lifelong Apple user, but this experience makes me believe it's time for a divorce.

    Sounds like a pretty extreme thing to do to your wife if she really didn't get it wet.

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    Nice Meg ;).  We took the phone to an independent repair shop and they had it fixed in an hour for $99. Lady I talked to said IPhones are actually quite easy to work on. She also added that the people who work at Apple Stores aren't really techs. Does seem kinda fishy because the "tech" never opened up the phone. Just looked in the port and saw minimal corrosion and said the warranty was void (the indicator was still white, not red, proving it wasn't submerged.)

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    I would also be interested in seeing other people's supposed corrosion photo from Verizon. I, too, just got off the phone from an hour long battle with them after seeing a $299.00 charge for a damaged device... the phone never worked from day one when we got it. After spending over an hour and a half on the phone with tech support one day, it was determined it was a faulty phone and they were sending a replacement. Now they decide it was "water damaged" when the phone barely left the box. I refuse to believe that the picture they sent me is my phone. It looks like a years worth of corrosion. It was an iPhone 4.


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    Ssaw these posts.  Got same problem.  Bought my daughter an iphone4s, within a couple of months the power button stuck on, then battery draining and this month after updating to iOS 7 the phone stopped completely.  Took phone back to service provider store that advised us to contact apple.  Tried to get appointments at several apple stores in the uk, but none available, so eventually sent it to apple repair centre.  Been advised it has corrosion internally, although never been in contact with moisture.  Had phone checked by service provider for water damage etc and none found.  Asked for photo of water/liquid sensor to be forwarded but was advisedly apple that this was not an option ((reason obvious once I read this forum!). Won't sort out phone unless I pay repair bill.  This is obviously a recognised problem, feel like I'm hitting my head a against a brick wall.  I would never use/buy an apple phone again.

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    My iPhone 4 has finally died too, now it will not charge at all.  Apple will not fix it, nor will local repair shops.

    The only consolation is that I now have a $149 paperweight.


    If you do get another Apple product, you may want to get a case that covers the dock and headphone connections which may help keep any environmental moisture out.


    I understand your frustration and disdain for any Apple products.

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    pluxton try to find out the regional manager and write them a letter... and then u can write the BBB.... i did and i paid 100$ for my replaement phone... i did eventually get pictures of the supposide corrosion.. but they coulda been so generic that it could have been n e ones phone.. it was such a crock. and this is such a scam i hope more people voice their opinion.

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    read my response

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    I have the same problem: iPhone 4, 3,5 months old, never in water, never got a spill of liquid over it. I had it in my pocket and was very carefully with it since I hesitated a long time to buy such an expensive device. Most extreme 'water' exposure might be that it was in my pocket in a bathroom. But it never got actually wet.


    The guy of the store noticed a red detector near the connector (the one in the phone plug was white) and said it got wet, the warranty is gone and it will cost me 200 euros. I feel utterly betrayed and can't believe this is happening. I am charged of being a fraud and supposed to prove my innocence.


    I am using Macs since 1988, always had good service on my computers. As others said: this is just faulty design. I have old Nokia and Samsung phones at home, they have plastic covers over their jackets. That is apperently what is missing here. If Apple can put in these detectors, they surely can design a flashy cover??