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  • ambrop Level 1 (0 points)

    Just to say that I managed to lightly brush any evidence of corrosion, as slight as it was, out of the mains/docking port with a soft brush. I took it to another Apple store who then couldn't see anything wrong so replaced it. However, I did replace my expensive iPhone cover with a cheaper one that covers the port to stop any moisture causing a problem. It may have been a simple thing like moisture from a handkerchief that caused the problem - the detectors never changed colour though.

  • wim jans Level 1 (15 points)

    Hi Ambrop,

    I also tried to clean with a fresh toothbrush and propyl alcohol, but it still would not charge.

    I then had a second phone call with Apple, in the hope they would be willing to believe me. I talked to two people, but end of the line was that they were not in the position to decide for a free repair. The judgement is made at the repair centre and you cannot call these people. It is a slick line of defense.


    I was so disappointed with all this that I decided to take it to a generic repair shop. It will probably ruin my warranty for the remaining 8 months, but hey, what is that worth anyway? In stead of paying 164 euros and missing my phone for at least one week it cost me 1,5 hours drive and 5 minutes wait, for the guy to replace the dock connector. I found on the internet these connectors sell for 15 euros, and with 5 minutes of work, 164 euros is a outragious price to pay. Apple is really making big money on this! Now I was all set for 50 euros and a six month guarantee on this repair. I did not leave the repair shop happy, but relieved, and most of all sad for being let down by a company I always rated high.

  • Nathaniel Glosser Level 1 (0 points)

    I don't know anything about the connector/cable problems experience by users of the pre-lightning connector, as I never had any issues. But for those in this thread talking about the new lightning system on the iDevices from last year onward, there is a serious corrosion issue (which I am experiencing which seems to have to do with arcing between the connector and the cable contacts.  There's detailed discussion here, with some very good photos and analysis of the problems, but alas no solution:



    We need to get Apple to recognize this problem and deal with it appropriately. This appears to be a degenerative condition which will likely render the iDevice unchargable eventually.

  • bfromNYC Level 1 (0 points)

    I was forced to buy my third IPhone is 4 years today. My 3GS gave out after not even 2 years as the connector corroded. The 4s lasted about 2 years and 1 month.


    I never dropped the phone into a puddle, charged it in a steam room, took it the Amazon or went scuba driving with it.


    I think we have planned obsolescence that these phones crap out and you're being forced into the upgrade.

    Very sad because I never had this problem with Blackberries, Nokia or Ericsson phones before.

    I really don't understand why Apple can't produce better hardware.

  • ambrop Level 1 (0 points)

    Dear bfromNYC, I suppose the hardest thing to understand though is why we keep buying the **** things! Samsung Galaxy anyone?!

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    I am having the same problem! I was told there was corrosion on my docking port and I see none and the water indicators are both white! My phone has never been in water. I'm very frustrated.

  • frustratedadelaide Level 1 (0 points)

    And things havent improved since 2012.  Now Apple have discovered that if they play with the software ( ie ios 8.3) they can render any phone useless


    that has "corroded" charging contacts.   The certified Apple cables no longer charge the iphone DUE TO SOFTWARE CHANGES BY APPLE but they deny


    any responsibility for the previously incident free iphone now being defunct. No idea that maybe it is a DESIGN FAULT - that allows moisture to affect the


    charging contacts.  Very honest intentions in chasing non authentic cables, i am sure, but what a benefit that it also renders a whole lot of previously perfect


    phones useless.  That has to be good for the bottom line and from the advice i got from the geniuses i reckon that is all they care about.   !!!  $ 380 to


    replace a year old iphone 5S that worked perfectly 5 days ago prior to ios 8.3.  Cmon Apple it is your responsibility - all those phones to landfill when a


    simple software fix could bring them back to life.

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