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I operate in 64-Bit but still 32-Bit plugins so the 32-bit AU bridge still floats. It will continually quit during a project sometimes twice-a-day... sometimes 5 times in an hour! I try to gauge if it's a particular load being put on the bridge itself but I can't make any sense of it. It definitely quits when it sits idle. I will come back from having made a cup of coffee and it will have quit. It should be sending reports to Apple (I would think) so after around 6 to 8,000 reports from my computer you think Apple would have addressed the bug?

Mac Pro Quad-Core (2.66 GHz, 2 TB), Powerbook G4, OWC ME, 2 LaCie Extremes, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Logic Express 9, Focusrite Sapphire.
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    If the stuff you rely on is 32 bit, run OSX/Logic in 32 bit.



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    I don't mean to be rude... but that was a stupid reply.

    I run in 64-Bit because I can no longer run in 32-Bit. That's how many plugins I'm running at one time, not to mention some of the newer plugins are only 64-Bit. The reason I still use the 32-Bit AU Bridge is because I still use some of the older 32-Bit plugins. Some of them are discontinued/Legacy products that are invaluable to my production arsenal...

    Another reason I cannot run 32-Bit is because it crashes upon start-up due to the immense amount of 64-Bit AU plugins initiated.


    I don't think I can even say "thanks" for trying to answer my question because I'm embarrassed for you, at your response.


    Can anyone else formulate an educated response? I see that no one has correctly answered this question posted several times in the past by others suffering from the same dilema...

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    Here's the educated response.


    If you intend to run in a pure 64 bit mode, make sure all your plugins support that mode.


    If not, you will have problems.


    If you intend to use 32 bit plugins that DO NOT work in 64 bit mode, be ready to boot into 32 bit OSX and disable the 64bit plugins to be able to do your work or stop using them. It is that simple.


    Your thanks is not necessary or desired. This is not brain surgery.





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    @Studio X! Your a real winner...  Its not our fault that 64 bit Logic is unstable with 32 bit plugins. How about a real answer here instead of your exaggerated self-opinion!

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    I like how the Level one people here are the ones with the major attitude problem, and the higher level people are the humble one's trying to tell them that "Hey, there is NO answer. You're pretty much just screwed. We all deal with it."

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    I'd like you to use Vienna Ensemble Pro 64bit plugin to communicate with a 32bit Vienna Ensemble Pro Server. You could run your 32bit virtual instruments or 32bit audio FXs on that server.


    P.S. You could run that server on the same computer for running Logic Pro 9 or X.

    P.P.S. This method also works with Logic Pro X, AVID Pro Tools 11, etc.

    P.P.P.S. There might be other cheaper choices available (Vienna Ensemble Pro is a little bit expensive ... by lots of means).