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Andy Kotz Level 1 (15 points)

I operate in 64-Bit but still 32-Bit plugins so the 32-bit AU bridge still floats. It will continually quit during a project sometimes twice-a-day... sometimes 5 times in an hour! I try to gauge if it's a particular load being put on the bridge itself but I can't make any sense of it. It definitely quits when it sits idle. I will come back from having made a cup of coffee and it will have quit. It should be sending reports to Apple (I would think) so after around 6 to 8,000 reports from my computer you think Apple would have addressed the bug?

Mac Pro Quad-Core (2.66 GHz, 2 TB), Powerbook G4, OWC ME, 2 LaCie Extremes, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Logic Express 9, Focusrite Sapphire.