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I'm curious if anyone has ideas on how I might find a CD-ROM to replace the CD-ROM in a 20th Anniversary Mac. 


I have a TAM a friend used, and I'm trying to ready it for sale.  If you put in a CD, you hear the CD clicking, but the CD doesn't spin.  I've tried manually moving the spindle (as some older CD-Drives of that nature would sometimes have lubrication problems), but no luck.


I've searched the web all over and cannot find if the service parts may even exist.  The drive is unique in that it opens to reveal the disc in place (rather than having a slot, a caddy, or a door that holds the disc). So even though that machine has a lot in common with the Powerbook 3400, the CD-ROM drive is different.



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    Suggest you join LEM-Swap for buying & selling Mac stuff. http://groups.google.com/group/lemswap

    After you join, post a WTB (want to buy).


    Here's how I resurrected my Pismo's "dead" laptop DVD-ROM Drive.

    http://macosx.com/forums/howto-faqs/290895-how-resurrect-failed-laptop-disc-driv e.html


     Cheers, Tom

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    I don't know if you still need help on fixing your TAM CD device. I had the same problem.


    As you know, CD devices for the TAM are rarely available on eBay and cost a fortune (last auction I saw maybe went for 200 bucks or more). The Apple 600i SCSI CD-ROM (tray-loading) internally is very similar to the design of the TAM CD.. They regularly pop up on eBay for $10 to $20. Model CR-504-C appears to be the closest match.


    I bought one for $10, opened it up and discarded the casing. The circuit board is identical except for a couple wires controlling opening/closing the loading tray, and an IC chip. The motor mechanism is an identical match. I swapped the motor assemblies (carriage and all) after transferring over the rubber grommets for the TAM. Put my TAM back together, and the CD works flawlessly!


    If your problem is not with the motor carriage, then you can try using the circuit board after swapping the IC chip. If it's a problem with the chip, this solution may not work. Seems to me, there is a much higher possiblity of the motor assembly going bad than with the chip.


    There is currently an auction on eBay for several of these devices for $15 with free shipping. Can't hurt, only $15. Search eBay for AppleCD 600i CR-504-C. - Fred