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I was looking to update some apps from the App store this evening when I got a message that basically said my iPad was "full up".  I plugged my iPad 2 into the chord to my iMac and wanted to manually check and uncheck playlists, etc to get some of the music off of my iPad to free up space but all it showed under the music tab was "Synch voice memos" and that my music could only be changed via wifi or cellular from the device.  Am I missing something here? I don't remember seeing the ability to synch and control music on my iPad through Itunes GONE!


I then tried a restore from back up and when the back up was done none of the music I had on there was restored (put back on).  I know it's still in the cloud and it's still on my iMac, but do I actually have to download it all from the cloud on my iPad again to get it?!


I'm a bit confused on what is going on here.  I realize that when I play music from iCloud on my iPad it downloads and takes up room on the device. - The confusion is what the best way is to get the music back OFF of the iPad to free up space.  I tried deleting playlists, but then it deleted playlists in iTunes which I DO NOT want to do.  It seems like I can only delete one song at a time off of my iPad which takes WAY too long.  I need to be able to "uncheck" whole playlists ....the old way to get large amounts of audio off my iPad


Also, I updated to the most recent version of iTunes which was released today.


I haven't had any issues with my iPhone 4s but it was not full up with music


Anyone have any guidance they can give.


Thanks much,




PS  if this is unclear I will be happy to try and explain it more concisely

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1, White 32 GB WiFi
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    Connect your iPad to your iMac > open iTunes > select your iPad in the left panel > click the Music tab at the top of iTunes > check mark Sync Music > check mark: Seleted Playlist, Artist, Albums.


    If you already have it set up like this, uncheck the playlist or Albums you do not want on the iPad, or if you do not have it set up this way, do it. Then hit the Sync button on the bottom of iTunes, it will delete all the music you do not want off of your iPad.

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    Thanks, but I know how to do that.  The problem is that the Music tab for the device in iTunes does not offer the ability to do that anymore.  See attached screen shot.Screen Shot 2012-01-20 at 7.08.48 AM.JPG

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    The audio (Blue) that you do see on there now is music I downloaded from iCloud from the device.  I want to be able to select playlist and albums, etc. and synch direclty from the itunes tab like I used to be able to do.

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    Well...first level Apple support doesn't have a clue about this.....waiting to talk to a senior supervisor.


    Anyone have any ideas on what the problem is?  Anyone?





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    You have to turn off iTunes Match. Since you are using Match you can just download the music that you want on your device as needed. If you turn iTunes Match off you can then sync it to your device the old way!

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    Thanks....it was pretty much as you said but it was a bit trickier than that to get it to work correctly.  I finally got ahold of a senior Apple support person and she was able to help me sort it out....but only after about an hour.  I had to turn off music match on the iPad ....as it was hooked up to the white chord to my iMac ......but it still would not show that I could manipulate my music through the iTunes tab....the old fashioned way.  I had to power down my iPad ....hold sleep wake to get the slider to turn it off.  Then I turned it back on and it "cleared" and showed the music tab as it should be so I could get a large amount of music off my over capacity iPad. Seems pretty puttzy and don't recall having this problem before even after I signed up for music match.  sounds a bit buggy and hope Apple Engineers are able to sort this out so that it is less confusing.


      I was surprised to find that the first level Apple support guy new nothing about iCloud or music match....at one point he asked..." can't you just stream the music in iCloud to your iPad without downloading it to the device!"  I said "I wish!"  LOL! He was clueless.  the Senior support seemed a bit unsure about it as well....but she was able to use good common sense analytical  steps to help me solve the problem.


    All is good now!





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