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I recently bought a used (more than 1 yr old) iPhone 4 off craigslist. It worked great unitl this afternoon when I restarted it. When it turned back on, it just kept searching for bars but never found any. I decided to restore it with iTunes. Now it won't send texts or make calls. With calls, it shows the calling screen, and the person I'm calling picks up but my screen continues to say "calling." With texts, the sending bar gets to about 95% then just stops. I have tried texting/calling multiple people with different phones/carriers. I have taken out the sim card, and turned it on airplane mode for a while. There's really not much information on the internet, as this seems to be a pretty rare problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    You don't say where you are or what carrier you use, but it's likely the Craiglist list phone was hacked to unlock it, and when you restored, it was re-locked to whatever carrier/country it was originally locked to. 


    This is a COMMON problem with phones obtained from craigslist and ebay, which often are stolen ("found") and of unknown origin.

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    if what modular747 isnt correct then turn your iPhone off take out the sim, put it back in and turn your iPhone back on. it fixed the same problem i had, ive discovered that most carrier issues usually result in me taking out the sim and putting in back in, any other iphone problems and i turn it off and on again.
    if you have any other problems then test this out

    regaurds, josh-95