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Crazy question, I hope someone can help.


I am trying to use the iPad to play music at our church by connecting to our soundboard.  - That's simple enough.


I am setting up a 'Playlist' on iTunes of the music we will be playing - That's simple enough


I sync the iPad and the playlist is there. - That's simple enough


NOW - What is happening is that the songs in the playlist play continuously one after the other.  I need that to stop.  I need it to play one song and stop.  Then I can click on the next song when needed.


There is a 'squigley line' next to the song track at the top of the app, but I can only get it to play continuously, or play that one song continuously.


If you've understood this question, can you help?  Or, is there another app that will work better than the native music app on the iPad.


Thanks for deciphering this message and for your help!

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1