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Please help me to fix my email notification.  I am not receiving email notifications unless i actually press the mail icon.  The notification is on push and I have been researching the problem but nothing is working.  I even backed up, restored and its the same issue.  I deleted the account and rebooted, but it is still not working.  I really need the push notifications for my yahoo email because ever second I don't respond to the email, I lose business.  My phone is only 3 weeks old.  Its not a phone issue because apple exchanged it for a new one 1 week ago and its the same issues.  I am reaching my last nerve.  I'm hoping someone can help and guide me with the right answer.  Thanks and hope to get an answer soon.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1, I need a email notifications fix
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    Yahoo's push service for its email is just unreliable. People have been having trouble with it since the iPhone was released in 2007. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I suggest you move your business correspondence to a more reliable service that offers push, such as iCloud (free me.com email address included) or gmail.

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    So this is yahoos fault or iPhone 4 s fault? I didn't have this issue with the iPhone 4. It is very frustrating for me because I upgraded from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 4s and dont see much difference between the 2. At least with my old iPhone I was receiving my notifications inmediately. Is there a fix for it or do I just have to use a different email?

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    I am having the same issue..i was on ios 5.0 and it worked excellent.since the day i updated to 5.0.1 emails notifications dont work .i dont get emails unless i press mail icon. This is very frustrating and i tried my best to fix this isse but couldnt do.I did every possible solution i think dont know whats wrong.I tried yahoo,gmail,icloud but still not

    lemme know if your fixed.


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    I just started getting this issue. I've had three iPhones, always had yahoo mail, and never had this problem before.

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    Yeah no matter how many times I delete and create yahoo account, push notifications wil eventually stop. So very very frustrating.

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    Why would I change email service provider because of any short comings of iPhone? I have never encountered such a problem on other cell phones! The most annoying thing is that if I delete and create yahoo account the push notification will work for a little while and then miraculously just stop. ***!

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    Because unless you changed some setting on your iPhone there is nothing on there that would stop push notifications from working. Yahoo frequently has push mail outages.

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    I have not changed any settings on my iphone 4s(hit) unless you mean turn sound off and on? If yahoo has outages then to me your are suggesting that it should therefore start PUSHing just as abruptly as it stopped PUSHing? Or does yahoo just stop PUSHing and then I have to reset my iPhone 4s(hit) to start PUSHing again?

    You can understand that I really hate the iPhone 4s(hit) and have in fact reverted to blackberry as it is more reliable. If I want to play games like a baby then iPhone 4s(hit) will be perfect.

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    I'm sorry, I thought I was trying to help a mature adult, not a pre-teenager and I really don't have the time to waste.

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    I just got my phone and it isn't even a week old.  iphone4s.  It has never worked.  I do have to agree with whydididoit...i so miss my blackberry and all the administrative options it had.  iphone does seem more geared toward gaming although i don't see how unless you keep it plugged in all the time.  my battery is dead before lunch and its not doing anything! Certainly not pushing email notifications.  i have downloaded a lot of apps that are supposed to be helpful but so far the only one I use is myfittnespal.  Even my Facebook doesnt push notifications.  And when I go into Facebook and it 'updates' the news feeds are still hours old.  I have over 400 friends so I know SOMEONE would have updated in the last 15 minutes.  Although I have beef with facebook itself---timeline stinks. I have rebooted iphone twice and manually closed mail.  Still doesn't seem to push.  oh well, keeps me off the phone and on to other things.

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    I have the same issue too and still don't found any solution how to fix it!

  • alexrn Level 1 Level 1

    I found a fix! Here is my post https://discussions.apple.com/message/18791891