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I am trying to share an iPhoto 09 Library in Mac OS X Lion between two users on the same machine. I do not want to use an external Harddrive so I created a disk image. I need to use the "ignore ownership of this volume" option in order for both users to be able to use the Library properly. But everytime the Volume is mounted, the checkbox is unchecked again.


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    I have the exact same issue.  I followed this guide step by step:




    Once I restart, the "ignore ownership on this volume" check box becomes unchecked.  Not sure if this is an error with the new operating system (Lion) or if there is some other process forcing the setting.

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    Same here...following instructions as per Apple. This solution does not work under Lion.



    Very frustrating.

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    AFAICT, the ignore ownership setting doesn't apply to disk images, only to HD volumes. Reread the KB article.

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    When you mount a diskimage the filesystem is mounted noowners (ignore permissions) but the operating system honors the permissions on the diskimage file (This is a feature). If you would like to verify this then mount the diskimage then open the Terminal.app and type the following->



    Note within the parentheses, you will see noowners with mounted by so and so. The first step is to change the posix permissions on the diskimage file or add an access control entry (I see that the ace does not seem to work). Posix permissions can be change in the Terminal.app or by a third party gui app (not the Finder).

    If the diskimage is mounted by the root user then the operating system honors noowners (ignore permissions). This is complicated to implement. Off the top of my head, I might try a loginhook to mount the diskimage.