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Can anyone help?


I've just converted from PC running Cubase and found that the old Mac version I had for this application is not supported on Lion. So I'm looking for an application that will allow me to decode a MS microphone signal (i.e. import a .wav stereo file and convert it into 2 seperate mono tracks. I then need to copy one of these tracks, invert the phase and then remix using a fully functional mixer (pan controls, levels, etc)).


I don't want to go cubase again as frankly I found it to be unstable and lacking documentation. So looking for a new application (no need to be able to compose etc., just re-engineer a pre-recorded track). Would be great if it could also convert from .wav to mp3 etc.


As an aside - Oh how I wish I hadn't listened to the salesman and converted to Mac - give me a feature rich MS Windows environment any day (OK, perhaps I have much to learn, but this Mac experience isn't all it's cracked up to be).


Thanks for any advice you can offer.



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