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Guys, I'm on Lion and am contemplating moving my Home Folder from my Boot Drive to my 2nd Internal HD.


Will this have any adverse and negative effects on any of the Final Cut Studio applications?


I store all my video files and projects on the 2nd internal HD. Nothing is stored on the Boot drive exept for Applications and my iTunes and iPhoto files.


The reason for wanting to do this is my wife and I both have separate accounts. Right now, I do not store any documents (Pictures, Movies etc) on my Boot Drive. All of this is stored on my second internal drive.


Unfortunately, this does not allow my wife and I to separate our documents. She has access to mine and I to hers.


But I want to be able to only access the docs for the person whose account has been logged in to.

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    If you have independant user accounts (even if they are admin) you should not be able to see the documents, pictures, ect. folders of the other person so I don't understand the issue of access.



    Here is a way to deal with it that doesn't involve moving home directories.


    Set up a new account for administration. You'll need it for installations and/or to make system changes. Make sure it has administrator privliges. Remember the password!.


    Then, change your wife's and your accounts to "standard". This will remove ability to override the "no access" as long as you stay within a standard acct. You will have access to shared public and site folders.


    To run backups, install software, etc, log into the machine with the admin account. If nothing else, it makes it harder to screw up the machine as you have to go to a bit extra to make changes.



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    I almost got exited by your answer Studio X ... bu then realised that your method wouldn't work as all our documents are stored on the 2nd Internal HD


    If I were to have standard accounts for both of us, we'll still need to store the docs on the 2nd HD thus will be able to see each others stuff.


    To be honest, even seeing each others stuff isn't too bad. It's more a matter of the amount of clicks to get to where we want to be is tedious: Documents/Hubby's Docs etc etc etc

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    Then just change the File Permissions to Read/Write for the User owner of the documents and No Access for everyone else.


    You access the folder/file permissions through the Get Info dialog box in the Finder.



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    you do realize that you can create aliases for folders and files so that it's a single click to go where ever you want and you can also drag folders and files to the dock to create another way to instantly access these items?  You can also drag folders to the side bar:  places of any finder window so you can quickly access a folder in any dialog box, such as a save file dialog.  Just make sure that when you drag the folder to the sidebar that you don't drop it on top of an existing drive or folder as it will then move or copy the folder to that destination. 

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    Thanks guys for the help.


    Studio X, I just changed the File Permissions on one of my Folders. I then went into my wifes account. Alas, I still had full access to that folder.


    This is how I did it. Right Click on the Folder/Get Info/Sharing and Permissions/everyone (no access). Staff (Read Only). It's not possible to change Staff to No Access. And as far as I know, my wife does not have a Staff Account.


    Michael Grenadier, yup, I know all those options. I was just hoping to have the kind of control and access I would have had had I used the Boot Drive User Account method to access Documents.


    I'm sorely tempted to try moving the Home Folder BUT ONLY IF IT DOESN'T AFFECT MY VIDEO WORK

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    If you set your wife's account to Standard, and you set permissions to No Access for everyone, you should not be able to see the contents without typing in the administrator/user name and password.


    Perhaps troubleshooting this question would be best pursued in the OSX 10.7 forum. I'm running 10.6.8 and have no idea if Lion has changed permission protocols.


    fwiw - Home folders contain user preferences. They need to stay on the boot volume.


    Good luck,



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    Thanks Studio X. It's a strange one. I just double checked to ensure wifeys account is standard. And it is. Hmmmmmmm!


    Let me do as you suggested and take this to the Lion Forum.


    Thanks for all your help guys