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I was pretty impressed after looking at the free textbook last night that one can download with the latest ibook 2 update. I was wondering about writing company manuals or handbooks using the new ibooks author. I would like to do this so our employees can use the interactive features on the ipad but I don't want to distribute it to anyone but our employees. ie...can we write and then load the file onto the ipads without publishing them to itunes. Or if we do use itunes, are there some type of settings that would allow only people we authorize to download the books?

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    You can distribute .ibooks files just like any other file (as long as you are not charging money). Users just drag the file into iTunes. You can also add a password for security. From the iBooks Author Help:


    Require a Password


    You can set a password so that only people who know the password can open an iBooks Author document.

    Set a password

    1. If the Document inspector isn’t open, click Inspector in the toolbar and click the Document Inspector button.
    2. Click Document and select “Require password to open” at the bottom of the Document pane.
    3. Enter the password twice (once in the Password field and again in the Verify field), enter a hint to help you remember the password, and click Set Password.
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    As long as you are not charging a fee for your 'manuals' you can simply export iBooks Author generated handbook to your employees by simply selecting said option from the File menu and exporting as a native .ibook, .pdf, .txt format. Either store this on your network server or simply attach to an email and have your employees retrieve their email off their iPad to open the iBook.


    You have the option to require a password  when exporting your .ibook and .pdf.


    Again this is for non monetary distribution.

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    Thank you all. That is exactly the information I was looking for. I appreciate your time.

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    We have very similar need--distribute internal training material in iBook file format to some employees.  Don't want to use iTunes for distribution, but simply store files on our servers and use either a "push" or "pull" publishing model (whichever will be easier to implement) 


    Curious if you've tried this yet.  I'm new to the apple world, so I'm having trouble envisioning how the users would see the iBook files on the server that are available for download (as described by esagustin13)

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    We ran a brief test run the other day and it did work pretty well. This was a simple copy/paste of the text from the word files into the ibook author program as well as a few tables and stills to create a .ibooks format. We then emailed the .ibooks file to a gmail account. When we opened the email using an ipad, it asked if we wanted to open the file using ibook. We said yes and it worked as advertised. All the features including text highlighting and notes were there and the file remained in ibook.

    The first time we tried it, we dumped a couple of video files and tried to email...the file itself was too big for the email account. That's when we just dumped the video files and left the text and some stills and it worked fine. I'm sure the larger files with video will work fine using Dropbox and the dropbox app for the ipad. That is actually our plan once we get some time to sit down and put the real files together.

    The only other minor issue is our lack of familiarity with Pages and Keynote. We primarily use Adobe and only have brief experience with Pages and Keynote. If someone if strong with the iWorks suite...using the iBooks Author program should be fairly simple since it is a very similar interface. We decided to do a Lynda subscription just to brush up on iWorks in hopes to get more out of iBooks. Will have to wait and see what happens. But so far it seems very promising.

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    I am using iTunes 11.0 and I am unable to drag and drop the file in to itunes. Any ideas?

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    Thank you guys, both for posing this question and answering it. I thought it'd make a nice gift for my boyfriend if I made a book just for him of photos, his favorite poetry and me singing because he's always on his ipad. Since I definitely wouldn't want it publish, I had the same problem, and most of Apple's information on the matter is about how to go about publishing. Thanks again!

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    Just a brief disclamer here -- I work for Bookry so I hope you don't see this as advertising....


    You can upload your book to Bookry and host it in a private BookStore only inviting those who you want to see your book see it. They can download it from here using safari on their iPad to start reading in iBooks. All for free


    Alternatively if you have iTunes U in your country we've seen people make pretty good use of this. It's more aimed at education but works great for sharing iBooks files irregardless. You can always take the dropbox route which works pretty well too.


    I imagine all the above would be a little more user friendly than setting things up on your own server. Hope this helps!

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    I'm sorry to dig this thread up, but just to make sure, I want to make an ibook file to put as an .ibooks file available for download on my website free of charge

    Can I do this?

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    bartleemans wrote:


    Can I do this?


    Yes.  That is what the Apple license says.

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    I have a question. Im making a Ibook for a company and their biggest consern is being able to shut the book down if a paticular person leaves the company. What makes it hard is that thier employees are spread out through the US. I cant install apple config and remote wipe seeing that a lot of useres will use thier own ipads. I need to find a way to disable the book and certain ipads as these people will no longer work within the company. Also this is a book that we are not publishing throught the apple store. its only for internal use. Can someone please help me find a solution to my problem?

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    Using an QR code who includes the url to the file is one way to distribute it in an nice and contolled way.

    The students arrive to the classrom and on the screen is the QR code so they can download the correct document.

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    I believe the best way to handle this is to make sure they are using a device management tool, such as AirWatch. This is by no means a pitch for that application, but I know you can securely push out and manage content like iBooks. This restricts reading the content on a company-managed device only, which adds some security and prevents them from using personal devices. If a device is enrolled in a corporate AirWatch deployment, the admin can both remove content and/or disable the device once someone leaves the company.

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