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Adam Mercado Level 1 (10 points)

I just upgraded to 10.6.8 and FCP Studio will no longer work. I'm looking for an upgrade path for Soundtrack Pro. i have a lot of projects I still need access to in Soundtrack and wonder with the app being discontinued is there a replacement that can open and handle these files natively?


Looking at the pages for FCP-x and Logic Pro there is no mention of any of this. Are us Sountrack Pro users just stranded or are we expected to live in OSX 10.5 limbo for ever?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), ATI Radeon 3870, 4GB RAM
  • Studio X Level 7 (27,030 points)

    FCP  and FCS run just fine under Snow Leopard. Running an overwrite installation is what probably broke your system.


    • Your tag says you have a MacPro.

    • Get a fresh hard drive and put it into one of the bays.

    • Format it MacOS Journalled with the GUID partition scheme

    • Install OSX 10.6 on it,

    • Run software updater untill there are no more updates.

    • Repair permissions

    • Install FCS from the original disks

    • Run software updater until there are no more updates

    • Repair permissions.


    You will now have a fully functioning installation of FCS.


    Good luck,



  • Adam Mercado Level 1 (10 points)

    wow, that all sounds a bit excessive - new drive with fresh install of everything.


    First, my drive bays are already full with RAID drives so thats not an option. Second, reinstalling the OS seems way beyond necessary, and I dont have time for that. I'll remove FCS and repair permissions and reinstall FCS. That usually does the trick.


    However, it raises a question. Is it possible to install Leaoprd and Snow Leopard side by side on the same system? Would a seperate drive be necessary for that, or can i partition the boot drive like you can with Boot Camp and Parallels?



  • GTBannah Level 1 (65 points)

    The original question remains un-answered; is there a replacement for Soundtrack Pro?

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    Soundtrack Pro, like DVD Studio Pro, Cinema Tools, Color, Shake and Final Cut Pro, is a EOL (end of life) program.


    If you are looking to edit audio with Final Cut X, it is reported that it incorporates some of the audio functionality of STP. Since FCX is thought of as closed system, you will find difficutly working with external audio editors.


    If you are looking for a stand alone audio editor for wider uses, there is Logic, Peak, ProTools, etc.


    Good luck.



  • Adam Mercado Level 1 (10 points)

    Yes, all of this I know. The original answer remains out there though.


    I have a significant investment in Soundtrack Pro projects that I would need to migrate to the new system. Since upgrading to Snow Leopard non of my pro apps are working, despite several reinstalls. Logic would seem to be the most...erm...logical upgrade but it would be really helpful to know if it or FCPX could actually support/open legacy native Soundtrack Pro files

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    Studio X wrote:


    .... If you are looking to edit audio with Final Cut X, it is reported that it incorporates some of the audio functionality of STP. Since FCX is thought of as closed system, you will find difficutly working with external audio editors.


    If you are looking for a stand alone audio editor for wider uses, there is Logic, Peak, ProTools, etc.


    Good luck.



    The ability to "round-trip" between FCP and STP was a nice touch. I now raises the question, as to whether or not you can still round-trip between FCP and Colour, which was another nice touch!

  • Studio X Level 7 (27,030 points)

    Round trip between FCX and color ? Not a chance.



  • Studio X Level 7 (27,030 points)

    FCS3 including Soundtrack Pro works just fine under Snow Leopard (aka 10.6.8)


    Your installation is screwed up, not the program.


    You have two options.


    1. go on a snipe hunt for something to replace it


    2. do a clean install of the OS and apps so that things work as they should.


    I would pursue #2.



  • Gary Sumlak Level 3 (615 points)

    I have FCS2 insalled on a MBP 32bit. OS X 10.6.8 and it works flawlessly.  I would agress that it is probably the installation that is messing up, not the apps.


    Download FCSRemover and run it to completely uninstall FCS.  This will make sure there are no prefs or other operation files that may be lingering around, coopting your reinstall.


    Reinstall FCS3 from the original DVDs.


    Install Tip:

    If you have enough space on a spare HDD , use Diskutilty to create disc images of all the install DVDs.  Once the disc images are created, LOCK them, then mount ALL the images.


    Now start the install from the disc images and go to bed.


    I keep a backup of all the images on a backup drive for just this purpose.  Allows you to do a complete reinstall with have to sit around swapping DVDs.


    Good luck!

  • Gary Sumlak Level 3 (615 points)

    FCX has "Color" incorporated, Like its incorporation of SoundTrack Pro, the Color implementation is stripped down, but the color rooms analogy is still there.

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    It may not be helpful. but I have been running FCS3 and all it's apps (including STP) on OSX 10.6.8 with no glitches of any kind, it is not the apps as Studio X points out. I too don't like to spend time wiping everything down & reinstalling.


    Fortunately, Macs have always played nicely with me (I have owned both PC's & Macs since the beginning - after the abacus & slide rule went out of style). PC's are of course, more ornery and get corrupted more often, at least in my experience, which is why my current PC plays second fiddle to my Mac Pro & MacBookPro.


    At any rate, as GT notes, the original question about a replacemnt for STP is still open to a degree in this thread. The cold hard fact is that APPLE does not have at this time, any  "replacement" for STP, and it's commonly accepted by the experts that there is no intention in Apple to work on one.


    It is worth noting that STP can export in a variety of formats (Aiff, wav. MP3, Dolby ACC, Next, Sound Designer and even compressor). If you choose not to reinstall as Studio X suggested, you could pick any of a number of software platforms which you'll have to purchase, and then export the work already done in STP to those.


    Yes, it's a P.I.T.A., but Apple, like all Kings of the Jungle, does as it wants, when it wants, without regard for what YOU or I want. Join the "wish hadn't done that " club, have 2 or 3 adult beverages of your choice and adapt as best you can.



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    I too love Color, FCS, Shake, and Motion. FC-X being an All-in-One program looses many,many features.


    I too have a large investment in Apple FC products - I had to make a choice, a costly choice (a Tax right-off), I switched to Avid Media Composer with Mojo DX, Avid Artist, ProTools and Adobe After Effects CS6


    It hurt to make the change but I am happier that I did.  I don't know what P.I.T.A. means but I do know what P.E.T.A. means (People Eating Tasty Animals), I can now do my productions without having to make an adult beverage and curse at the "King of the Jungle". I'm stess free.


    Avid compaired to FCX is like Joly Ranchers and spoiled spenich. Joly Ranchers will always be around, and there are many different flavors that you can add (each of them) to your collection. If that makes any since.


    Why invest into something that will spoil and degrade over time than investing into something that will last and still be the industry's standards?


    As I stated, I like my seperate harware/software devices. I gain maximum prodution and quality with them.

    How can you go wrong with that?


    I look forward to your comments.  Thank you.


    God Bless you all.


  • Relievo Level 1 (0 points)

    There is a way to install FCS2 on Lion 10.7, via terminal.

    I dont want to get penalised for linking away from apple on my fIrst post.

    Just do a search for: "Jeremy Johnstone: Installing Final Cut Pro Studio 2 on Mac OSX 10.7 (Lion)"