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Hello All! Black streaks on the paper won't go away. I believe the drum got toner on it. I checked out the cartridge, cleaned the black roller and then I tried to clean the drum (yes I shouldn't have touched the drum.).


How do I know for sure it's the drum and if so, can it be replaced, appx. how much, and can I do it my self? I am some what knowledgeable with hardware. I am poor now days, worth the replacement?  Thank you...

Personal LaserWriter 320
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    I haven't been able to find any place that actually has the OPC drum for a LaserWriter 320 in stock. Even if you could find one, though, I don't think it would be worth it. You can get a new laser printer for around $100 dollars - Brother even makes one that goes for about $76.00 US (the Brother HL2230) - so unless you have a bunch of toner cartridges for the printer you need to use up or you're running a very old Mac that can't accept a USB printer, I don't think trying to fix that old printer would be worth it even if it's possible.



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    Please give the name of a large city near you.  If you are near Seattle, a computer recycler named RE-PC tries to save old printer supplies for use by us old timers.  Try to find such a recycler near you.  We can possibly help if we know approximately what region to search.



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    Drums may be hard to find, but extending the life of a working laserwriter is easy by simply adding tonor. Simply buy a tonor kit (or empty out an old cartridge), drill a hole in the right spot (check the internet to find out where) and you are good to go.