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I'm working to get my push email working in my new iPhone 4S, on WiFi everything work pretty well, but when I am connect in my 3G/EDGE, the lock screen is turning off the 3g.


How do I test that.

Open Safari > Go to "http://www.whatismyip.com/" > Get the Ip


Start > Run > cmd


ping -t <ip>


When my iPhone was not locked, everything was responding correctly, when I press the button up to turn the screen off, 5 seconds after, I start getting Time Out, and when I turn the iphone on again, and start navegating again, the ping start responding correctly.


Is there anyway to get the 3G/EDGE never turning off ?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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    Thats because iphones arent serious business tools. There is a reason why apple is called the "fruit" company.

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    Activating the lock screen does not cause the cellular data connection to drop, it simply causes the device to go to sleep.  Any apps open are put into suspend mode.  If the app is actively doing something, it may complete depending on how the app is coded.


    As for being able to ping the IP with the device in sleep mode, there's really no reason to expect a device in sleep mode to respond to pings.


    As for the actual issue, if push email is configured correctly on the server and on the device, it does work.

    Is the email account in question a work email? Gmail? iCloud? or?

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    As for being able to ping the IP with the device in sleep mode, there's really no reason to expect a device in sleep mode to respond to pings.


    What about VPN connections. When the device is in sleep mode they will disconnect and you have to manually reinitiate the connection. So yes, I would expect the device to respond to keep alive pings from the VPN server.

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    If there is a VPN client/app running on the device and it's coded properly, the connection would stay active.

    However, that's not the scenario that was described.


    There is no reason for an iDevice to simply respond to a ping when in sleep mode by default.


    If the intent is to test whether the data connection stays alive in sleep mode, install a streaming audio app like Pandora, DI.fm, or similar.  Start the audio streaming.  Then put the device to sleep.


    If it continues streaming, then the issue is not with the device shutting down the data connection in sleep mode.


    Has the simple solution to the original problem of deleting and re-adding the Exchange account even been attempted?

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    I'm referring to the built in VPN client, it terminates connection when the device goes to sleep.

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    I really dont know why its happening. Actually, i have gmail, hotmail and icloud configured in my iphone, gmail+hotmail set up in exchange settigns.


    When my iphone is in sleep mmode, it do not push any email to me, but when i simple dislock it, the push start working. I really dont know what to do, i ha aleeady tried to delete everything, add everything again, test sending emils when iphoneis locked, etc, but never pus it. Have already trie to reboot several times deiphone, when recreating the mail accounts... Have already tried differents settings in the email options, advancedd settigns, etc.


    I really dont. Knwon why its not pushing ...


    I will try to have a audio streamin to test the connectn being dropped.