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I have  just purchased a Tenvis mini 319 w ip camera which only comes with Microsoft software / instructions, but is compatible with Mac's. I am having problems finding the correct software to get it up and running.

Has anyone used one of these cameras and can you point me in the right direction?

Thanks for looking...

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Sorry I forgot to mention that the software on the TENVIS website dose not work for some reason? I have also emailed the company But would be greatful for any known software out there on the web?

    Thanks again...

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    I had some fun setting this camera up too, resorted to borowing a windows laptop and connecting camera via ethernet to set a static ip within the correct range using tenvis windows software. After that you can access camera on the mac and set up wifi and other settings. If you have the camera plugged in via ethernet you may have luck just trying to connect via safari/chrome to ip where xxx is your local ip range (for me user: admin, password: "blank").


    Could not get the camera to record alarm footage to a mac, did figure out you can turn your mac to an ftp server and get the camera to capture still images and write them to a folder of your choice.


    Good luck


    Their iphone app is a bit buggy too, set up free dynamic DNS with and seems to be doing ok.

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    question, how did you get to work with the tenvis camera? i got the jpt3815w and so far have been unable to get it to work with no-ip

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    I set up the dynamic dns through my modem/router, just had to enter domain you will have set up at no-ip along with user and password. That way when your dynamic ip changes your modem tells no-ip. Then also in the modem you need to set up port forwarding so when you point the camera app to look at your domain it forwards to the local ip you have set up on the camera (I think port 81 by default). So now in the camera app on your iPhone you set the address to (xxxx being your free domain you set up) so that way when you are away from home the and try and connect the camera, no-ip will forward the request to the constantly updated external ip of your house on port 81, then your modem will direct external traffic requesting port 81 to port 81 on the internal ip address your cam is set to use. all modems are different but you should have no trouble googling port forward and dyn dns for your model.

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    I can't even get the iPhone software now - the link on the page brings up the iTunes Store, but halts with a "Your request could not be completed." Searching iTunes Store for "Tenvis" just helpfully asks if I meant Dennis. Did they take the software down?

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    I gave up on the Tenvis app, if you switch it to lower res to make it easier to view on the iphone it changed the setting for good on the cam and all your photos or video are recorded at lower res. I downloaded camviewer for foscam (black and while app logo in itunes store) it doesn't have snapshot button but when you rotate your iphone it gives you images at full screen which is pretty usefull. Easy to set up same as the now infamous tenvis app

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    Thanks jamie654 - you're a star! I wouldn't have got this set up without your ddns help above and the suggested iPhone app works great - cheers

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    Dear Jamie654,

                              apparently you are a star and looking by the remarks people have put for u .5 stars .pl help .I also have bought a tenvis 3815 ip camera and have a macbook with snow leopard o.s Is it is possible for you to help me by step by step process of setting my camera with the macbook and also setup remote access on my book since i will be leaving my cats for few s days by the end of august .pl help me .



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    Sure, but you will have to let me know what stage you got up to, can you log into cam at all?


    Maybe better if you skype me on jk654549 as could take a while and fill up this discussion with user specific network set up.





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    I cant get past the log in for the mini319, I enter the password <null> which is on the camera with admin as the user and I get incorrect user or password. I tried using blank that you used however that doesn't work either. So therefore I am not having any luck setting this camera up on my mac. What can I do?

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    hi jamie

    very helpfull your advices

    I'm lost for one point. trying to access to this camera via the browser with the ip, we're asking to give id and password.

    my question is:wich id & pass?

    those of the admin of the mac or anotherone?

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    Should be admin and password for camera. No software needs installing requiring mac admin and password. That way you can access it from any computer/phone/tablet thats online.

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    many Thx Jamie

    got the user name and pass in usermanual

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    Someone help pleaseee. 3 days trying to do this camera I cannot even open in my browser to even get the the login..

    I have tried the camera straight into the back of my iMac via ethernet. I have tried it through the router still no such luck ????


    Jamie to the rescue please..

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