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I have a really dumb question but I am trying to fix my Home Sharing and I realize I don't know what the difference is between an "Apple ID" and for instance the ID I use to buy iPhone Applications (App Store ID?) and the ID I use to log in to this forum (App Community ID?) and the ID I use to buy Mac Applications from the "App Store".


Are ONE of these also my MobileMe ID??!!


I /changed/ my MobileMe ID at one point and I can't figure out if I have used this same ID for other Apple ID's or what is up with all this.


Can anyone help me sift this out a little better/



  • Rysz Level 6 (8,120 points)

    Most people use the same Apple ID for ALL of the IDs you listed, but only you know if you did that also.

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    Hi. Thanks. The problem is that I have lost track of this a little bit since I am a new mac user.


    I started out with one ID that I picked for MobileMe and I changed it when the year was up because it was not well chosen for my needs.


    Can you help me understand if /all/ of the other ID's I listed above are in fact different and that none of them are "tied" to the other ones?

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    I have no way of knowing what you did. Normally, when people are prompted to enter their Apple ID they enter the same one they first established, and, yes, some of them are linked between the different services.


    Assum that you used the same Apple ID everywhere, log into the different accounts, and see if that is true.


    Hhere's a good starting place to learn more about Apple IDs.