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Peggy Lynn Level 4 (2,470 points)

I just started using Aperture so it's quite likely I missed something painfully obvious but I can't get all of my Relocated Masters to have names that match the Version Name. Two version names out of eight images aren't complete as they appear in the file names in the finder. How can I get Aperture to use the entire version name for a file name for all the files?


The two questionable files' version names look like this in Aperture.

Aperture File 3 Version Name

Aperture File 7 Version Name


The Relocate Masters window looks like this.

Aperture Relocat Masters Window


The output looks like this in the finder.

Aperture Finder Relocate Masters

Mac mini, 2.7 GHz i7, SSD, 750GB HD
  • léonie Level 10 (90,471 points)

    Hello Peggy, there are two possible reasons:

    • Can it be, that you have created multiple versions of the same image withdiffernt versions name? Since those share the same master, Aperture wil have to pick one of the version names when relocating, and maybe it will not be the one you expected.
    • Or you may have versions of different masters with exactly the same version name. Then Aperture will be forced to pick a different name for one of the masters, since the name has to be unique.


    You can avoid both problems by using a custom version name with index or counter. set the name format selector to "Edit" and add a name format of your own, that uses the version name and something that makes the name unique, like counter or index.





    P.S: Also may check, if your version name contains special characters, that are not suitable for filenames.

  • Peggy Lynn Level 4 (2,470 points)

    I very much appreciate the help but, unfortunately, the problem persists.


    All of the versions have unique names and there is nothing in Aperture other than these few photos. None of the filenames use illegal characters. I also tried trashing Aperture, Aperture preferences, Aperture library and reinstalled Aperture.


    Then I deleted all the JPEGs from the RAW JPEG pairs in the camera and reimported using Image Year, Image Month, Image Day, Custom Name (underline character) and Counter.


    I added additional unique names (File1, File2, etc.) to each of the photos in Aperture in the Versions field. Three persist in exporting only using the name I used for the import, ignoring what I added in Aperture for the version name. The others use the image name that shows for the version in Aperture.


    My goal is to import photos into Aperture's library, append meaningful words to the image date/counter info in the version name once imported, add keywords, do my edits on my SSD where the Aperture library is located and then relocate the masters to referenced masters on my 750GB internal.


    It is important to me to have meaningful finder organization of my photos with meaningful names outside of Aperture.


    I want to get this working perfectly on this small test batch before importing anything else to Aperture and have to go back to clean up a big mess.

  • léonie Level 10 (90,471 points)

    How exactly did you export? Did you export the masters or the versions? Do the image files with the wrong file names have a common property - a special image format, different permission settings, very long file names? Can it be that your custom file name would be too long for the volume you are exporting to? How is the drive formatted that you are exporting to? MacOS extended or another format?


    It is important to me to have meaningful finder organization of my photos with meaningful names outside of Aperture.

    I don't want to sound patronizing, but we just had a very long discussion here on the pro's and cons of browsing Aperture's library from the Finder. You may want to read this and perhaps reconsider your motives It is error prone and risky - and  i.e. if you do not get the filenames right ..


    Browsing the library in Finder. Is there a logical way to do it?





  • Peggy Lynn Level 4 (2,470 points)

    Thanks again for all the great suggestions. Unfortunately, I still have not had success in getting my relocated masters to match their Aperture version names.


    I am importing directly from my Canon S95 SD card to my internal 256GB SSD although I have tried copying the files to the internal 750GB internal and importing from there with identical results. Five of the photos are JPEGs and four are RAW. I am not exporting but using the Relocate Masters option to make referenced masters on my 750GB internal.


    All drives other than the SD card are formatted Mac OS Extended (Journaled) with GUID partitioning and have more than ample free space. Disk Utility says all disks and their partitions are healthy. All permissions are default. I am using an admin account.


    I can't find any commonality between the files where appending the Aperture version name is not included when Relocating Masters. Both JPEGs and RAW are affected and I have no difficulty with editing them in Aperture. Photoshop, Preview and iPhoto all happily open and edit the affected files when copied from the SD card to the 750GB internal.


    After I deleted the JPEGs for my RAW + JPEG pairs in the camera Aperture changed its mind about which photos it refuses to append the version name to when Relocating Masters. One photo, the first misnamed file, is the same but the latter two are both different files. That doesn't leave me optimistic I will find the answer in file commonality.


    I know better than to futz with the internal workings of Aperture's library database so I haven't done anything with it other than to trash the library completely before I reinstalled Aperture. Neither would I contemplate making changes to referenced masters outside of the Aperture interface.


    However, I flat-out refuse to allow any software to hold my original files hostage in its database any more than necessary which is why a coherent finder file structure and meaningful filenames are important to me. I've used Filemaker since its introduction and I still make sure I have plain text copies of all important data. It's made for a fairly painless recovery a few times when undetected Filemaker database corruption has made it into my backups.


    This is what the files of my last test importsRelocate Masters actually look like in the finder. The two imports are the same files imported to separate projects and just named differently in the Versions field.



    This is what the files in the finder should look like to match what is in the Versions field in Aperture.


  • léonie Level 10 (90,471 points)



    Peggy, I am running out ouf ideas - hopefully somebody else will also look on.

    I could reproduce the file naming problem in my library,  but that does not match your examples. When I relocate master files, and the version name is very long, then Aperture occasionally uses not the very long version name, but the shorter original file name.

    Also the relocated masters with wrong filenames were always part of a pair sharing the same master.


    I have to experiment a little before I can suggest anything else.



  • Kirby Krieger Level 6 (12,510 points)

    leonieDF wrote:


    One thing to check, fwiw.


    Peggy -- how have you confirmed that there are no problematic characters in the Version names?  The names that show in Aperture should break at a word or a letter, but it seems yours might not be.


    I see this on my machine:




    Of course, it's hard to tell from Peggy's screenshots if this is the case or not.  Just a thought. 

  • léonie Level 10 (90,471 points)

    Thank's for dropping in here, Kirby. And your data seem conclusive - a really good clue. I've asked Peggy already, if there are illegal characters; I usually have problems with "umlaute".

    None of the filenames use illegal characters.

    and that was her answer, but the problem with invisible characters is, that they are -hmm- invisible.

  • Peggy Lynn Level 4 (2,470 points)

    Thanks so much for stopping by to help. I'm usually good at tricking software to mind its manners when it's being cranky but this has me stumped. I keep thinking I'm doing something quite basic that is incorrect.


    A dash should not be an illegal character but I changed it to an underline. I created a new Project. Then copied and pasted from the Version Name field in a previous Project that produced the incorrect filenames to hand rename the files copied to my HD from the Canon S95 SD card.


    I imported the renamed files. Relocating Masters and choosing Version Name for Name Format was successful in creating the correct names for the relocated files.


    I then imported the renamed files into yet another new Project and appended an X to the Version Name in Aperture. The same files ignored the X when naming files when Relocating Masters as had happened previously.


    Also, files that I simply appended the Name Test1, Test2, Test3, etc. with no spaces after the original import name showed the same issue of ignoring what I had appended on some files but not others with Aperture ignoring the appended name in the same files.


    However, if I don't import all the files from the same SD card Aperture will choose to ignore appended Version Names for the same files that carried over the correct Version Name when relocating masters in a previous project.

  • Peggy Lynn Level 4 (2,470 points)

    I deeply appreciate the help and your taking the time to to reproduce my issue. It seems as if there might be something internal in Aperture Relocating Masters that is sometimes not recognizing changes in the Version field when it is changed after importing.


    I just did another import. The first troublesome file's Version Name field after import is 20110113_04003.JPG.


    I completely deleted 20110113_04003.JPG in the Version Name field and then typed in Test. I only selected the single image rather than the entire import group and chose to Relocate Master using Version Name for the Name Format. Aperture used 20110113_04003.JPG for the file name rather than Test.


    I tried exporting the same file to see if that might shed any light on the matter. I exported the master choosing Current Version Name for Name Format in the export window. The file was named what I had entered subsequent to import in the Version Name field.


    I then exported the same master file choosing Master File Name for the Name Format. Aperture used the file name assigned on import, 20110113_04003.JPG, rather than MasterExportMasterName which was currently entered into the Version Name field in Aperture.


    Next I tried exporting a version of the file using Current Version Name for Name Format in the export window. Aperture named the exported file using the changes I had entered into the Version field.


    I ended by choosing Version Name rather than Current Version name for Name Format when exporting the same version of the file. Aperture also used the the changes I had entered into the Version field to name the file.


    Aperture is correctly distinguishing the difference when exporting masters but gets confused as to whether to use the original import name or the current version name when relocating masters.


    Renaming the Version Name when viewing the master as opposed to viewing the version didn't have any effect on what Aperture chose to use for a relocated master or exported filename.


    File Name Example in the Relocate Masters window always indicates that it is using the original import Version Name rather than the changed Version Name even when it names the file using the changed Version Name.


    I've learned some interesting stuff about Aperture file naming but remain baffled as to why it chooses the original import Version Name to name some files when Relocating Masters and chooses edited Version Names for other files.

  • léonie Level 10 (90,471 points)

    Hello Peggy,

    I finished experimenting, but no further results.

    The behaviour you observed is buggy, and i suggest to write a bug report.

    Aperture menu -> Provide Aperture Feedback.


    Initially I had been a little confused by your referring frequently to "relocating your masters" as "exporting", but now I understand what you want to do. Exporting and relocating are very different things in Aperture as you know, but the options and controls do look similar.

    But may I suggest, that since you think of "relocating" as "exporting", that you give exporting your masters a try?

    This way, you would kill two birds with one stone:

    • create a backup of your masters at the same as you gain free access to your master images.

    Having a backup of your masters is highly recommended and would give you more safety then just relocating your masters. And you would be free to rename any exported image file, if the name given by Aperture does not please you.


    Still no solution, but maybe a first step towards a work-around



  • Frank Caggiano Level 7 (25,715 points)

    Jumping in late here so this may be covered somewhere in this thread but seems tome the question to be asked is how did these versions get name this way to start with. There is no way to put a line feed or carriage return into a version name in Aperture at least as far as I have found.


    So how did these versions get named? where did they come from, where were they before being imported into Aperture.


    From the bit of reading through all this I've done it seems that the exported versions are being named as well as can be expected.


    If the version name is showing up like this in Aperture: (BTW what is the filename of the masters for these versions?)


    The two questionable files' version names look like this in Aperture.

    Aperture File 3 Version Name

    Aperture File 7 Version Name


    Then having the files names like this on the export


    Aperture Finder Relocate Masters

    is correct. You can't have line breaks in a filename. So again the question becomes how did these get named and imported this way.


    In the long run the easiest thing for you to do is to just rename these versions to have valid names.


    Again if this has all been covered then I apologize and you're free to disregard this all.

  • léonie Level 10 (90,471 points)

    Welcome Frank, it is always great to be able to pick your brain. I just played around with AppleScript to create corrupted filenames, to confirm what they would look like:

    on run {input, parameters}

              tell application "Aperture"


                        set imageSel to (get selection)

                        if imageSel is {} then

                                  error "Please select an image."


                                  repeat with i from 1 to count of imageSel

                                            set im to item i of imageSel

                                            set the name of im to "test123


                                  end repeat

                        end if

              end tell

    end run


    This inserted "\n" into the version name:


    Here is what the version looks in the Inspector and the relocated master in the Finder:





  • léonie Level 10 (90,471 points)


    There are funny markings at the end of the filename.

  • léonie Level 10 (90,471 points)


    But if you look ar the Preview, you see that the filename contains all parts of the name, but you do not see it in list view. So perhaps Peggy should have a look at the exported masters with "Get Info" or look closely at the Preview.

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