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I have an iMac PowerPC on Leopard at work and a MobileMe account which syncs my iPhone4 (iOS4), iPad1 (iOS4), my work iMac (Leopard) and my home Mac Pro (Snow Leopard). Syncing works perfectly. I love it.


I've been holding off on updating my MacPro to Lion and my devices to iOS5 and iCloud because I REALLY don't want to lose the ability to use Leopard Addressbook and iCal at work.


I just hate the thought of my iMac Addressbook and iCal databases not being sync'able anymore rending them useless, certainly more and more as I add to my calendars and contacts on my other 3 devices with my iMac out f the loop since you can't go farther than Leopard on a PowerPC.


If there is no way to keep my iMac in the synch "loop" after upgrading to iCloud, I guess I'll be forced to use my iPad or iPhone Contacts and Calendar at work and have them sync to iCloud so at least my iPhone, iPad and MacPro will be in sync.


What a shame. I know I'm not alone. I can't get work to buy me a new Mac (especially since everyone else is on PCs) just so I can use my computer's Addressbook and iCal applications. Otherwise it's still a viable computer.


I'm hoping there's some 3rd party programmer out there working on solving this issue. There are just too many Leopard computers out there with lots of life in them to become obsolete because of iCloud. What a strange way to kill a computer product and OS line.



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