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Ok I get it: if you buy a server, you're a Mac whiz that does not need any trainng option, so we won't offer the ''One to One'' option...


Seriously, I wanted to buy the Mac mini server online, as I want some upgrades (2x750 GB hdd instead of 2x500) but you can't buy that in Apple Store - you need to go online.  However, Apple Store guy convinced me to get the ''One to One'' option that can only be purchased *when you buy the Mac*...


I do not intend to use the server options, I just want it for the added flexibility of a Mac with 2 HDD with the specs it offers.


But when I select it and get to the customization page, the ''One to One'' option is not offered (only for that model!!)... Is this a mistake of the webmaster or really intended ?


Any other way to get that option ?




Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7)