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Currently I have several issues with my iTune and iPad2 sync:


1. My iPad2 is connected to my PC, but I cannot see it in iTones at all.

2. I currently have Windows 7 installed and can not get to install the iTunes 64 for this sofware.

3. I have purchased several Free apps, and cannot get to install them in my iPad.

4. I have purchased the mighty eagle for Angree Birds, and I do not see it on the game at all.  Everytime I try to use it it asks me to buy once more.

5. I have been waiting for my purchased ticket since I bouth my iPad2 back in December.  Coudl you resend to jmmjrusmc@hotmail.com?


As yo may se my delama with my new tool.  I currently use my iPad2 for work and fun.


Could you please see if this items can be resolved?







iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1