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Ianvr Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

I am currently trying to setup my server and would like to know if there is a Wiki server running on the Apple site? Or is this technology to inferior to use on this scale.


If there is a link to the wiki site can some one help by posting it please.

  • MrHoffman Level 6 Level 6 (13,265 points)

    It's not clear (to me) what you're asking.


    Do you want to see the Mac OS X Server wiki software running somewhere?


    Do you want access to something of the scale of what's running at Apple?


    Are you having a particular issue with the server set-up?


    The Mac OS X Server package provides Wiki software and other web-facing tools, and the Wiki is small-scale, and limited in its cabilities and scale.  It works reasonably well for a few folks and a few dozen web pages, but I'd consider other options if you're working with larger numbers of pages or more user activity, or if you're looking to integrate web commerce, custom theming, user roles or other considerations/


    The Apple forums software is very large-scale, and is not provided as part of Mac OS X nor Mac OS X Server.


    There are various web content management system (CMS) packages and Wiki packages, see the CMS matrix site for some of the CMS-related options, and prototype a few.


    A fairly common error made with Mac OS X Server is failing to establish LAN-local DNS services; that tends to cause issues with other parts of the configuration, and particularly with any services that depend on network authentication.

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    Wow, Mr Hoffman thank you for a very good answer to my inappropriately short question. This infarct answered a question i had that i did not know i had.


    So this answer counts for a Double Answer!!


    and Yes i have a problem setting up my server and will look into DNS setup again. I have posted What is the basic requirements to make a server work. to try and get an answer to my problem. Please have a look and see if we following the right track.

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    If it ever comes down to installing a wiki, I've used mediawiki but mostly Tikiwiki. Tikiwiki is a fantastic wiki for many reasons. That gets my vote, and my shameless plug.



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    How would I be able to transfer my existing apple wiki pages to a new wiki server, like Tikiwiki?

  • MrHoffman Level 6 Level 6 (13,265 points)

    I'm not aware of any export or migration function for the Apple Wiki package (other than a migration to a different OS X Server), short of scraping the wiki web pages using cURL or such tool and then re-loading the scraped data into the target Wiki package, or analogous.  It'd probably also be feasible to write some custom code to translate the database dump, but that'll be slogging through some SQL queries, converting them into whatever the target wiki requires.


    FWIW, please consider starting a new thread for this question; that new thread avoids burying your Wiki migration question in a comparatively-unrelated thread, and you can (when you're ready) close out your new thread.

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    OK, thanks for the feedback. I'll start a new thread. I'm not sure how to copy your response to it though...