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I'm down to less than 4GB of my 40GB hard drive. Is there any way to check iBook to see where all my space is going? Is there one single place that would show that say pictures is 4.5 GB, iTunes is 4GB etc. How can I find out what amount of HD space each section of the system is taking?

I recently upgraded to Tiger and then added iLife06 yesterday. Those 2 literally ate HD. I'm getting an external drive, but how can you monitor where that HD space is going?

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    There is a way, its is easy, but could take time. Click on files or programs, then file (or right click if you have a two button mouse) and choose get info.
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    Hi Atomicluck,

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    I suggest downloading WhatSize.

    If you choose to delete something via WhatSize, be careful! WhatSize shows "invisible" files that on would not normally. Messing with these files can cause complications with your system software.

    I hope that helps,
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    Hey YVR ...

    I know what you mean about checking info that way. Problem is that all those don't add up to what is being used. It tells me I have 5.78GB left of a 37.14GB HD. However, when I add up all the items say on the left side of my finder (pictures, desktop, account name, music, etc...) I get only a little under 30GB. So where is the other 7GB? It's like there is used space somewhere that I can't find. It tells me that the info under my account name is using 6.83GB. How can my account use that much space?

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