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    For me was the flat. The guy said this problem become cause of condensation (wet room), very offen I keep the iPhone with me in bathroomt(listening the music) when i get bath, or coming bad power when im charing my iPhone.


    My iPhone still was with guaranty, but when i was in t-mobile they said I have to wait 3 weeks, that is too much.. so I went in one mobile service, and he change the flat for 20 min and I paid 10 euro.


    All the Best.


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    Let me just say that I was FREAKING OUT when the ringer wasn't working because I tend to damage phones easily. I went sledding with it recently to Instagram, for example. The phone took a beating from all my falls. Anyways after a day's beating, I brought the phone home to charge it and the side panel volume buttons were working for the alarm icon, but not for the ringer icon. I couldn't play music, or videos, or most sounds (besides the alarm and Siri) through the speaker.


    You may have a hardware problem, but after having tried to restart your phone and checking the volume switch on the left, if your speaker still isn't working this worked for me, like others said:


    I took a paper clip, unfolded it, wrapped the tip in a thin layer of cotton from a cottonball, and poured 70% alcohol on the cotton to moisten it. I then stuck the paper clip in the charging port and swiped it around to clean it. For me and for others this has solved the non-functioning speaker issue. You can try using a hairdryer, but if the grime is well settled, you will not clear it out unless you use something stronger. Keyboard air- cleaner may work, but the paper clip method helps you see what gunk you are removing.

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    My iphone started acting up the the other day the ringer volume bar not coming up

    no sound on music,videos,and other, the volume does work when you like preview a ringtone in settings and it works with headphones

    here is what it looked liked when i click the volume up button


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    what can i do .. plz help me out to clear this prob..i cant listen my songs nd sound for games also nd videos .. is it any hardware prob r software prob..

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    I Tired restarting , Restoring to factor Setting , Removing all apps and installing etc nothing has worked.


    But Finally As said in some post i have blown air in to the IPHONE near the socket area where you connect the jack and blown air through mouth. My ringer problem is solved and it is working fine .... I am happy i have saved couple of $ .. :-)

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    Try blowing air in the socket air by using ur mouth and it should work ... It has justed worked for me and i was facing this problem and now it is working for me.

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    I have the same problem - it seems like it is the new iOS 6.1.2

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    I had the same problem and tried everything people suggested. I tried the air, tooth brush, I tried the q-tip, I tried the restart and what I found to solve the problem is to go to youtube, and to google videos (watch a video) and click on the dock connector button and make sure it is not on dock connector or apple tv. I found hitting cancel resumed it to allowing volume buttons to work and sounds to return. However, this solution is not permanent as it eventually happens again. I have seen it occur after using headphones, after connecting to USB, after using Apple Remote with apple tv, so I am unsure what would prevent it from doing this, but I found this solution works temporarily. The phone seems to think it's connected to a dock. I keep my phone pristine in a waterproof case. There is no lint, dust, moisture in my phone and it seems to be a software issues.


    It seems that as long as a program thinks you are connected by dock the ringer buttons will not work and sound other than phones do not either. Make sure no program thinks you are connected to the dock or apple tv.


    So, What I found also is that when I use "remote" for apple TV and if I don't switch back remote to my library the iphone still thinks it's communicating with Apple TV. For that I had to go to remote and go to my library. The buttons and sounds came back, but for how long I am unsure, as I have had this problem before and it returns.


    I hope this helps.

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    Had same issue this am. Side volume controls not working. Tech guy friend

    of mine advised that headphone jack is directly linked to these controls. Told me to

    "suck" on the jack as the smallest piece of dust/dirt will short the volume control. So

    discretely in That's what I did and presto... Fixed it. Of course make sure

    All of your settings are correct also. Hope it helps.

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    Hello i had this same problem, 5 minutes ago. I fixed it my way. Actually what happened is there is dirt on your connector. Use a tissue or strip of clean paper to clean that part. What i did was to put my cable in and out again and again and then i saw dirt on my cable. My phone's fine now. Try it. It gave me a shock too like you.

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    I tried almost every trick from cleaning dockport from Alcohol+swab+cotton, Business Card, cleaning Headphone Jack and Swithed OFF/ON by keeping home and head button at a time. It was working in the begining but now fully out of control, same issue arises as mentioned in the post Picture. Kindly help me out.

    I guess its a hardware issue.

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    Had the same problem, noticed that there was a  dirt in there plus some oxidization. Used a few drops of contact cleaner along with a a small brush seems to have done the trick. Also ended up cleaning the connector on the cable as well just for good measure.

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    Please can somebody suggest me what can I use as a substitute of alcohol to clean the charging dock among various commonly used items.

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    There is a button on the side of the volumn control.  It is silver and has to be in the up position.  Worked for me.

  • ritzrita Level 1 (0 points)

    There is a button on the side of the volumn control.  It is silver and has to be in the up position.  Worked for me.

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