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    Yay!! This worked!! Thanks!

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    try cleaning the charge area with a dry toothbrush . dirt and dust can affect it . my phone was doing this constantly for days, cleaned it with a toothbrush and all is back to normal , no more sound issues .

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    I had this same exact problem on my 4S and tried various techniques based on the other replies here.  Mine started working after I blew air into the charge port.  I'm confused, yet happy, as to why it worked, but it did fix the issue.

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    Thanks for your solution!  I tried it and worked!

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    I tried absolutely everything except cleaning the port with alcohol as I didn't have any do I put up with the problem for months until tonight! I tried cleaning the charge port with nail varnish remover (acetone) on a cotton bud (pull some of the cotton off so it fits in) squeeze it a bit to remove excess moisture and hallelujah, I have a fully functioning phone again! Should have tried it months ago!

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    Haha you are awesome! totally worked!

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    ppl !! watch here if u still can't find solution !!!

    It works !!

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    This is basically because of water vapours which get into the port for earphones at the top left of your mobile.

    The problem is that your device might be thinking that the junk stuck inside the jack is actually a stereo plug connected, so it turns your built-in speakers off thinking you're jamming with your headphones on, though you're obviously not.

    There used to be a fix for this problem via jailbreak by just deleting some file and making one terminal in the port disabled so that you could use ringer with and without earphones.


    But now that most of you would have upgraded your software by now so i have got one simple fix for you guys.. and that is....... just try to remove trapped water vapours and possibly some rust that may have deposited there in the audio out (earphone port/ headphone jack) at the top left of your iphone.


    In order to do that, just try a cotton bud which we normally use to remove earwax and clean the inner sides of audio port/ headphone jack or whatever you call it.

    Its as simple as that.


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    HA!!   It worked for me...I was thinking I would have to take it to the Apple store.  Thanks Dazzle2k!!

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    Thanks Dazzle2k ... this has been driving me nuts for the last 2 days.

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    Two possible solutions:


    1. The 30 pin connector got some dirts and messing up the sensor, the iPhone thinks its connected to a radio dock. Take hard piece of paper, cover with 1 layer fabric and fold it, soak with alcohol rub and clean the charger port thoroughly. You can also use a toothbrush if you have one handy, but remeber not to put much pressure. Please refer to the picture to understand better.

    If you charger doesn't connect properly, or doesn't charge properly due to loose connection, you can also fix this issue by cleaning two corners and other area by a pin or toothpick. Don't get surprised if you find a lot of lint in those areas, loll...


    2. If first solution fails even after cleaning those pins properly, you should try cleaning the headphone port. Take a cotton swab, dip into alcohol rub, squeeze out the extra alcohol, hold your iPhone 4 or 4s up side down (so that extra alcohol doesn't drip inside) and clean the headphone port nicely.


    Good luck.


    PS: Don't forget to turn off your phones before trying any of these technics.


    photo-7 copy.jpg

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    Just worked for me!!!! First plugged in headphone jack in and out a couple times while playing music didn't work. Then turned phone off and took an old tooth brush to the plug in charger port and cleaned it good... plugged in charger, turned on phone and could hear password clicks!!! played a song from library and it worked!!! Turned volume all the way up and actually stopped working... turned phone off repeated process and viola!!! it's works... so happy!!!

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    Ive had the same problem for a few days, no ringer bar, no sound through speakers when playing music, headphones worked. Got a toothbrush cleaned the charger port blew a hot hairdryer at it and connected my ipod lead which has the lock function and it worked. Hope this helps.


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    I just read your comments, went and got alcohol swab and cleaned the charging port and it worked!!!!

    Thanks guys

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    The ringer on my wife's iPhone stopped working for no apparant reason.  Following the advice of others, I wrapped a small piece of paper towel around a toothpick.  I then wet the tip with some rubbing alcohol and cleaned out the earpiece hole as well as the charging slot.  If you don't have any alcohol, you can use window cleaner or even some diluted dish soap.  As I was cleaning the phone, I did not see much (if any) dirt on the paper towel.  Even fixed the ringer problem!  The phone rings loud & clear.

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