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OK.  I have to use Lion on one box at work for Xcode.  Thankfully rarely.


Now, I have 3 apps that I have purchased in the past from the store.  Xcode, and my former purchases of Lion that I had asked for a refund on.


EVERY TIME I REBOOT, Lion puts the **** app store back in the dock menu. 


But I pulled it out.  I do not want it there.  It is infuriating that Lion thinks it knows better and wants to put it back to tell me that I have 3 apps that I could update. 








This is another case of the OS thinking it knows better and overriding the user. 


Another case of Lion being the bad nanny state OS of the Mac world. 


And as for the download animation flying across the screen, there is no way to turn this off.  And unlike everything else, the downloads go into the Applications folder?  Come on.  Thanks for making me hunt and peck for items.


How can I disable this app store reappearing all the time besides deleting it?


Actually, deleting it is the best idea.  Would have saved a lot of time.

Mac OS 10.7.x
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    Someone is wrong with your system, then.  The App Store politely remains off my dock.  How about you try troubleshooting your issues rather than posting rude anti-Apple rants about issues specific to your system?

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    THOMAS!  This could indeed be the case. 


    But before I get back to that, why do you think I am posting "anti Apple rants"?  I own 4 Macs.  I've been using the Mac since 1985 and have been a key member of several teams that have created industry creating technology, all on the Mac.


    What I am trying to find an answer to are some of the signifiant usability issues that are in Lion and appear to be going in to the Mac operating systems that will come after it.


    I have installed Lion on 2 of my Macs (Quad 17" MBP 8 GB RAM and quad 27" iMac with 12 GB RAM).  It was a usability nightmare and switched them back as I was able. 


    Friends of mine who have been key Apple team members in the past (QuickTime) have contacted me and expressed the same frustrations with Lion and many of the new features Apple is putting in to the OS.


    I'm asking again how to solve problems that I continue to see when I have to use Lion as I have wasted too much time in the past trying to get it to be as useful as Snow Leopard.  My time trying out Lion was a net financial loss in productivity and time wasted.


    I want the Mac to continue to be the awesome machine we want to use, not something we use because we have to.


    Now, I did not do the Lion install on the Mac in the office (just the system updates to 10.7.2) and I did notice that setting Firefox to launch on user login also failed.  But this is a vanilla install.  Permissions have been checked and fixed repeatedly.  I've got no idea why the dock doesn't want to remember that the App Store has been pulled but ya, this does sound like a permissions issue (even though I've repaired them recently.)


    I think you pointed me in the right direction.  I'll check out the com.apple.doc.plist file permissions when I get in to the office on Monday. 

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    Thomas.  You assume too much.  I have gone through the troubleshooting and wasted too much time with Lion issues.


    This is the 3rd machine that I've used where Lion has had loads of problems that I simply don't see in Snow Leopard.  There is a point when you say "I'm sick of this".  Sadly, I do have to use this machine and have deliverables, if you have an issue with professionals having problems with Apple products and getting upset bacause of it, then pressure Apple to make better products.

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    Doesn't Apple respond to you on the Developer Forum when you submit bugs/requests there?

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    Alex Zavatone wrote:



    EVERY TIME I REBOOT, Lion puts the **** app store back in the dock menu. 


    But I pulled it out.  I do not want it there. 

    How did you pull it out? Did you drag it out of the dock, or did you right click (control + click) on the App Store icon, click Options, and uncheck "Keep In Dock?" Be sure to try both methods.


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    I got a phone call from them on Thursday in fact.


    But here's the point.  I've done QA in the past (I was Macromedia's first QA Architect). I don't have time to properly write up each and every bug and tell Apple how to do their job. 


    My employer needs me to produce code and apps.  I don't have infinite time to properly research, write up and handle all of these issues. 


    If I were independently wealthy and didn't have any other thing to do with my time, I would. 


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    Hello SJF.  I just dragged it out of the dock.  But I think that Thomas got my mind pointed in the right direction.  Even though I've repaired the permissions many times, this reeks of a permissions error with the dock pList file not saving the changes and not reporting an error.


    Oddly, this is on a vanilla Lion install now upgraded to 10.7.2


    But I also noticed that I can't add an app (Firefox) to start on user login, so there is likely to be some permissions error in the /Library/Preferences directory or on the file itself


    But I would expect this not to be the case since I have run permissions repair several times.  Hopefully I can spare 5 mintes on this come Monday and get it wrapped up quickly. 


    In any case, I'll make sure to try your tip. 



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    You're posting rants with all caps and profanity, and bashing Apple, and if there are questions, they're hidden behind all that.  The fact that one of your posts got edited by the hosts, and I think another got deleted, says that I'm not alone in this opinion.


    If you're looking for assistance, ask questions.  Rants will not get you positive answers.  There are very helpful people here, but you won't see any of that with posts like these.  Remember: you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.