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  • FastEddy760 Level 1 Level 1

    This is so annoying I forgot why I needed Textedit open while researching an answer.


    Will logout to test the snipit from Lemmy Caution.


    Like others have said, its nice to have an app open when I want to jump back and forth. A GUI should be about reducing keystrokes and clicks.


    Add the option to the preferences for the app if anything.


    Not a bug, although it does bug.

    Not a feature, although its suppose to be.

  • momomentous Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you Lemmy! I recently finally upgraded to Mountain Lion and this aspect of Preview was sure irritating. I took your advice and it works! I still wish a selection menu did not appear that I have to cancel out of... this is new with Mtn Lion also - I typically use Preview to take screenshots (I can just click on the image or pdf or right click it if I want it to open in Preview anyway) and having to cancel this menu is just one more hassle that slows me down- also the default "saving to iCloud" is a pain - I'm not using icloud and just typically want to save an image into a file or desktop for further processing. I am wondering why the default is always iCloud.


    As somebody else said, this is a minor issue but wastes time... I wish Apple would consider how people are using the application rather than impose their own will on the user.  It is a minor issue, but increasingly Apple in some ways seems to want to become the Evil Empire it seems - Microsoft used to have that distinction.... I hear that Apple plans to bar Google Maps from future iPhones? And ban all Google apps?  ***? That will drive people to Android phones real fast - I can't believe they would be that Big Brotherish but we will see.


    Oh well that is another issue. But thanks very much for your contribution Lemmy for the Terminal fix - now both Preview and Text edit stay running! Yeah! Your post is 2-3 years old and still has legs! Now if we could change the other two issues I have with Preview I'd be really happy!

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