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This is embarrassing!


I want to use Finder




to do complex searches (e.g. using "Kind", "Created Date", "Contents", etc.) on a specific folder.  I want to use the Finder "Find" GUI, not the Spotlight "command line".


I think I need to discover how to add additional places, folders,  to the search location header of the Finder Search window, which now contains (by default?)


     Search:   This Mac    "My HD"


In other words, if my target folder is called "Fum"  I think I need to see


     Search:   This Mac    "My HD"   "Fum"


Then I need to select the right-most item to tell the Finder Search "just search the folder named 'Fum'".  After that, I enter the search parameters.


But I cannot figure out how to do this.    I tried drag-and-dropping folder "Fum" on this line.  I tried Command-F with "Fum" selected. I tried enabling the left tool-bar, getting "Fum" in the list, then  highlighting "Fum".   


D'oh!   It's such a stupid question that ... the obvious web searches are useless.


So... how  is this done?


I feel like I'm totally missing some basic assumpation of the current 10.7 Finder search metaphor.  Please feel free to fill me in.   (Why isn't there a "+" button at the far right of the Search locations header, instead of what I see now, only a "Save" and a "-" button?  That would seem the logical way to add locations to search.)



2.66 GHz Intel Core i5, Mac OS X (10.7)