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This is embarrassing!


I want to use Finder




to do complex searches (e.g. using "Kind", "Created Date", "Contents", etc.) on a specific folder.  I want to use the Finder "Find" GUI, not the Spotlight "command line".


I think I need to discover how to add additional places, folders,  to the search location header of the Finder Search window, which now contains (by default?)


     Search:   This Mac    "My HD"


In other words, if my target folder is called "Fum"  I think I need to see


     Search:   This Mac    "My HD"   "Fum"


Then I need to select the right-most item to tell the Finder Search "just search the folder named 'Fum'".  After that, I enter the search parameters.


But I cannot figure out how to do this.    I tried drag-and-dropping folder "Fum" on this line.  I tried Command-F with "Fum" selected. I tried enabling the left tool-bar, getting "Fum" in the list, then  highlighting "Fum".   


D'oh!   It's such a stupid question that ... the obvious web searches are useless.


So... how  is this done?


I feel like I'm totally missing some basic assumpation of the current 10.7 Finder search metaphor.  Please feel free to fill me in.   (Why isn't there a "+" button at the far right of the Search locations header, instead of what I see now, only a "Save" and a "-" button?  That would seem the logical way to add locations to search.)



2.66 GHz Intel Core i5, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    I think you need to navigate to the folder in the Finder before you enter the search term.


    Best wishes

    John M

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    Thanks for your suggestion.  I've tried navigating to the folder in the Finder first but it doesn't address the issue.  The subsequent search isn't restricted to that folder, nor is the folder added to the list of places to search.  Of course maybe I'm missing something incredibly obvious.

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    That's how it works here.  I'm opening the Finder window in 'list' view if that makes any difference.


    The folder I searched was called 'chords'.



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    Whew, sorry...


    [A tedious description of various experiments, failing attempts to sort this problem omitted here.]


    I note that Finder Preferences ---> Advanced offers 3 choices for searches, schematically:


         When performing a search:

          (1) Search This Mac

          (2) Search the Current Folder

          (3) Use the Previous Search Scope


    [Another tedious description of more experiments omitted here.]


    Just a moment... Selecting alternative (3) does the trick for me!   I can now restrict the search directory to "Fum".  I just need to:


    a)  Choose Finder search preference (3), which to my mind implements "Search the Current Folder" and NOT "Use the Previous Search Scope". 


    b) Interpret "Current Folder" as the folder open and at front.


    Life is now good!   <heavy sigh>