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The Wife noticed all her music/playlists had disappeared on her old eMac (iTunes 9.2) last time she hooked her iPod up to it. I have since spent the last 3 days fighting with this very old, tired computer. As it has no really extra HD space, much of my time has been wasted moving libraries back and forth between the computer and the external HD that I have been backing up to.


All to no avail, it seems. Last night, I spent about 8 hours transfering her somewhat old iTunes Library (last back-up was in the fall) from the Ext. HD to the eMac. And now today, there are still no playlists, no songs. I've tried many different things. Currently, the iTunes preferences are set at Homefile (this is the little filevault icon)/music/iTunes/iTunesMusicJan2012. In the 2012 file are all the playlists and 18 GB of music.


But iTunes can't find any of them. I tried switching from the "2012" folder to the "iTunes" folder above it. Same old frustration.

According to iTunes Help, the above should work. But it's not. Any ideas?