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iMovie used to organize my videos in the Event Libray by year in the left column.


Now it shows all mhy Aperture videos as one big collection on the right where the clips show up. But no longer in folders by year in the left column past 2010.


It looks like all my old videos are grouped into folders by year on the left.  But Aperture Videos don't do that.


Am I missing something?

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    Screen Shot 2012-01-21 at 1.28.37 PM.png


    Screen Shot.jpgAlso, with all the Aperture videos listed in the right column, when I choose "Most recent events at the top" that only changes the left column.


    This seems crazy, are Aperture users relegated to a subpar iMovie experience.  Isn't Aperture supposed to be the more professinoal application?  It's crazy to have to scroll through a hundered videos to find the one you want.


    No organization by name and year and or month.   Just a clump of videos in chronological order with the most recent at the bottom.



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    I totally agree and I am also having issues because of this.


    I have lots of mini-video clips (of my son mainly) that get organised in Aperture along with the photos that I take at the same event.


    When I want to edit any Aperture videos using iMovie and select the "Aperture Videos" filter I get hundreds of videos and the video list is so slow that it is actually TOTALLY UNUSABLE.


    I assume that if I could select a specific Aperture Project within iMovie that the list would be greatly filtered (to no more than a small handful of video clips) and the usability issue ought to be totally fixed. It ought to also make finding my video clips quicker too, given I should know where my video clips are (i.e. find it quickly in an Aperture Project, rather than by navigating an endless list of videos as currently).


    Apple: please could you implement this? How difficult would it be to implement a filter within iMovie that uses the existing organisational structure of Aperture (or iPhoto)? As a developer, my rough guess would be 2-5 days (including analysis and testing). It's only adding some extra filtering... pretty please!!!