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I'm having trouble using PhotoStream.    I've used it 3 times to copy photos to iPhoto, but don't have it right.



Today I took some photos with my grandchildren.    And my grandson accidentally took a bunch of screen shots.    I went home and opened iPhoto, and clicked on PhotoStream.   It asked me if I wanted to use Photostream.  (It didn't ask me the 2nd time I used it, I wonder why it did this time).     I tried selecting individual photos to move to an event.    As I selected one, the screen refreshed and I saw that I selected a different one.    After about 5 minutes of this nonsense, I had the photos I wanted to select, and I dragged them to events. 


Except there was an event with all of my photostream photos, not one with just these photos.    Some of those photos were from previous days.    So I went through and selected individual photos and deleted them.     I have no idea which are the high res photos from my iPhone, and which were the duplicates, so I went to my iPhone and told it not to save the duplicates.   (There must be some way to tell).     Googling, I found that I can delete every photo on PhotoStream, but not individual ones.    I have to decide which of these poor choices is better.    If I have work photos, I'll have to delete all of them.


Then I went to my iPhone and tried to select all of my photos to delete them.   I didn't figure it out, so I tapped on each one individually until they were all selected, and deleted them.    Or maybe I should have plugged my phone directly into my computer and run image capture.


I'm wondering if I should rename the "Jan 2012 Photo Stream" event so I don't add to it next time I have photos in January, it will leave that event alone.   I don't want all of the photos I already deleted from it to show up again.


Do you recommend any different procedures to make this "just work"?

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    Check your iPhoto preferences, you likely already have Photostream set to add its photos to events, Photostream creates an event for each month. A Photo can be in only one event, but as many albums as you wish. It sounds as though you may not fully understand events.