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I have asked this in another thread but the response is I need to recreate the book... I hope there is a better solution for me.


When I started to create the book, the native language is in Chinese, but now all the prefix like Chapter/Section is in Chinese even though I now editing the book in English.


Is it possible to change the Chapter/Section prefix to English... without rewriting everything from scratch? I have written close to 100 pages with videos, please help!

iBooks Author, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    I've just tried this (with Japanese, not Chinese - changing the word 'Chapter' to its Japanese equivalent). You can do it by changing the template texts in the Layout pane. Your changes should propagate through the entire book.


    I also discovered that using the 'Advanced' pane of the Find/Replace function does not work with placeholder text, but only on text that you yourself have entered.

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    Just saw there is an "Apply Change" button in Layout window... and seems to work, thanks!