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Hi, this server.app is really driving me nuts. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong...


1. server.app has way to few possibilities to configure things. Especially the web-server can't be configured in detail. Things like WebDAV etc. are not possible.


2. When changing the config file by hand, these are overwritten when the server restarts. I don't know why, but I think somehow server.app is called and re-generates just all files. Of course overwriting my hand made changes.


So, how am I suppose to do it? How can I make sure my changes are not overwritten? Set the files to read-only? What's the official way to do it?



MacPro late 2008 & xserve early 2009, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    First, don't use Server.app. It's way too restricted to be practical for serious use. I don't understand why they think this is a prime feature of Mac OS X Lion Server.


    Instead, download the proper Server Admin suite.


    Secondly, it's long been an issue that Server Admin can overwrite hand-crafted changes to configuration files, however, I can't say I've ever see it happen automatically at reboot - it typically happens if you make changes in Server Admin.


    I don't know whether installing the Server Admin tools will make a difference.

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    I have "Server Admin" (as provided by OSX) running as well. But it's limited now to mange:


    - DHCP

    - DNS

    - Firewall

    - Mail

    - OpenDirectory


    Is the link you posted an extended "Server Admin"?


    And yes, either server.app or something else seems to rewrite the config files on/after reboot. Not sure how this is triggered.

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    Is the link you posted an extended "Server Admin"?


    Yes. It's a link to the full Server Admin suite, along the lines of what you might have seen with previous Mac OS X Server versions - in any case it has way more options for configuring the services than the too-simple on/off switches of Server.app.

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    Assuming I've understood you correctly the version of 'Server Admin' you appear to have is the one Camelot is referring to. Server Admin in 10.7 Lion Server (not the "Server App") gives you access to all of these following Services and nothing else via its interface.





    Mail (via an interface that has more configurable options than the same Service in "Server App")



    Open Directory

    Podcast Producer


    Software Update



    Some of the above are ones you've listed. As you've seen for yourself the "Server App" gives you access to:


    Address Book

    File Sharing (AFP, WebDAV and SMB)





    Profile Manager

    Time Machine





    and nothing else. FTP is only available via the command line as per this article:




    As you've already gathered, Lion Server's "Server App" is extremely 'dumbed' down and, in my opinion, for most veteran users of OS X Server, not in a good way.





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    Tony, ok, that's what I have installed than. The problem for me is, that the Web & Wiki part is part of server.app, hence extremly limited.


    And, somehow it seems that a reboot, triggers that server.app re-writes all config files. Not sure, if this observation is correct or if something else is going on. Fact is, after reboot, my config files are changed.


    How can I prevent this? Or, if this is not possible, what do I need to do, to get my config stuff I need written into the config files each time?

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    ". . . what do I need to do, to get my config stuff I need written into the config files each time?"


    Apart from the initial configuration of what little there is and judging by what you're describing, stop using the Server App. Like Camelot I'm surprised the config files are being overwritten? I'm also suprised as to why you appear to be rebooting the server on a regular basis? Apart from disabling the "Dedicate system resources to server services" option in Server App's Hardware seciont (which requires a reboot) you should not have to reboot at all. Leastways I very rarely have.


    As Camelot has said it's long been known one should avoid using the Server's Administration applications if you're making changes to config files. In the past this used to be particularly applicable to certain aspects of the Mail Service and a number of other services. Perhaps this has now changed in a major way? Unfortunately Apple are not really making too much information available anyway. Perhaps this too may change sometime soon?


    Perhaps you could explore the serveradmin command line to start/stop services as well as configuring them? There does not appear to be a Lion specific command line administration manual but the one that is still downloadable for 10.6 should come in handy?




    Page 17.