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Me and my wife each have ipad2's. We have different tastes in books. All of our books are in iBooks. I will pick whick books I want to sync and then sync mine. Then when I connect hers it wants to load all of the books that I picked onto hers. So we pick the books that she wants and sync. When I sync mine again, it wants to load all of the books that she picked onto mine and I loose all my books and only get hers. Is there an easy way to send different books to 2 different iPads on the same computer. The same for collections. If i make a collection, she gets it and if she makes a collection i get it. If i delete a collection, it will delete on hers.


We don't have any issues with anything else: notes, apps, music or movies. Just iBooks.

24" iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Do your iPad's each have their own names? I.E. - My iPad - Her iPad. iTunes should remember the configuration of each iPad when you sync - unless the iPads both have the same name.


    After rereading you post - if you have no other problems with your own unique content set up, I assume that they do have different names.


    You have selected the exact books in iBooks that you want to sync to each iPad correct. You pick your books by putting the checkmarks next to the names and you sync your iPad and then she selects all of her books the same way and then she syncs? The second person syncing would have to click on Apply in order to change the configuration on their iPad.


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    Thx for the help. I re-synced them again and everything seems to be working fine now. I make a change on one ipad and it's not affecting the other ipad. It must have been that first time setup. And when it comes to collections, under setting / iBooks there is an option for syncing collections.