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The Apple a/c adapter that charges the Macbook Pro (daughter's computer) does not charge the computer nor does the green light on the cord light up.  Was going to test someone's else Macbook Pro adapter to see if the issue is with the original adapter and not the internal battery.  Assume the adapter just needs to be replaced.  Not for sure if there was some type of electrical surge or problem that caused the adapter to go bad.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    I'm sorry, but is there a question?

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    Take the computer and AC adapter to an Apple store and have then check it.

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    Common issue  - yet with no satisfactory response from Apple:

    I had this problem happen to both my notebooks on the same day  - (one week after they were both upgraded)


    I am assuming that your battery is in good condition...if so:


    Try this workaround on youtube

    you may need to also do PRAM / NVRAM (power down: option + command + P + R {hold for 5 sec and release}) and SMC (power down: shift + control + option + command + power button {hold for 5 sec and release}) resets as explained in the comments.

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    apple just did a recall in some countries on a particular charger. not sure which one but with some luck you might get a new free charger at an apple store but otherwise new ones are pretty cheap. If its the battery thats the problem than it starts to get expensive unless its still under warranty.

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    I had a similar problem today(exactly few minutes back), suddenly my MBP not charging and there was no light on the megasafe connector. I tried the SMC reset option but it didn't work and tried all other possibilities with no luck. Finally I decided to go the apple store tomorrow and the last thing I did was removed the power connector from MBP then shutdown it and CLOSED THE LID then I connected the charger connecter again bingo!!!!!! I am having the orange light on the connector.


    So Possible cause could be.... the following. As per apple support page they stated SMC is also responsible for the lid closing and opening(movement), since I left the system opened and it was sleeping mode and by that time the charger was not connected to it and there was power cut at my house, so I just connected my charger to the system power on the charger switch and left when I came back I found this problem. hope the LID+Sleeping mode combination might have caused some hung up issue with the charging!

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    I have this problem from time to time. Usually, if I just close the MBP for a minute, the orange light will turn on and  the "not charging" message is gone.

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    Thank you for the tip, Shivakara.  I'm 1 1/2 hr from the closest Apple store, and your solution appears to have worked for me!  My laptop battery had suddenly drained completely while I was away for a few hours and I had trouble getting the orange light to stay on.  Then when I did get the light to stay on and left it overnight, it was still orange in the morning and the battery charged to only 4%.  Now it's back to 100% and the light is green.  I'm crossing my fingers that your solution will save me a big trip to the Apple store!

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    Uggghh, spoke too soon.  Charger not showing light again. . .

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    Here's the Apple troubleshooting page, which should be your first port of call (assuming the cables are not frayed or loose where they are attached to the plug or power brick):

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    Thank you, Dominique! I reset the PRAM & the magsafe is glowing amber not just green. I hope this means my new battery us recharging!

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    Sure you can operate a computer if you couldn't figure out what he was saying in so many words? the post after yours did! :-)

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    I just fixed two power supplies that were not working put putting them in the freezer for an hour. The cold resets the thermal protection.

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    Had the problem of "battery not charging" on Macbook Pro 2006

    Charger connecter lit up green

    It was very new non apple battery from OWC

    Looked at the System Profile only 16 cycles on the battery

    AC charger was shown as "connected"

    Battery showed up so not a problem with poor connection or not properly inserted (I had tried taking the battery in and out several times) but the profiler said "Charging: No"

    Charger worked on another Macbook so that wasnt the problem

    I tried the SMC reset where you sleep, shutdown, take out the battery, press power supply for 5 secs, reconnect AC, reinsert battery etc - No luck

    Then I read the SMC also controls the sleep wake cycle and lid closure.

    I cant exactly remember what I did because I was so ****** off by this stage and starting to lose concentration but I think I closed the lid and let the computer go to sleep and then opened it again to rewake.

    After doing this 3 times the bloody thing now shows the battery is charging

    A bit random I know but saved me having mental breakdown

    I would love to know if this helps anyone else!

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    thank you this solved it. simply closing lid. and reconnecting charger to lap top. so simple thank you so much!

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