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How do I get rid of the spinning rainbow circle? It keeps appearing.

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    got31 wrote:


    How do I get rid of the spinning rainbow circle?

    This is known officially as the "spinning wait cursor". Unofficially, it is sometimes affectionately called the SBOD (spinning beachball of death).


    The SBOD is not a specific indicator. According to the Mac OS X Human Interface Guidelines, " it is displayed automatically by the window server when an application can't handle all of the events it receives. In general, if an app does not respond for about 2 to 4 seconds, the spinning wait cursor appears."


    So it is virtually impossible to help you unless you provide very specific details. In what applications does it appear, and what actions did you perform prior to its appearance?

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    I've only had my MacBook Pro with Retina for a week and a half. I inserted a flash drive to pull some old photos off of it. I got an error message that it was unable to read the jpeg files and the SBOD appeared and I couldn't get it to stop.

    Being a life long PC user, I wanted so much to hit CTRL-ALT-DLT ) I couldn't get the cursor to click the red exit ball top left. I tried Command Q and nothing.


    I finally took the flash drive out and turned the Mac off and waited. It just came back to life !


    In the future, how does one stop the SBOD when it happens?



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    There is not much you can do when that happens. Only wait or do what you did if it doesn't seem like the system is responding at all. Press the power button to Force Shut Down.

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    Thank you! At least I know I did the right thing. Appreciate your help!

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    But it shouldn't really be happening just because you've plugged a flash drive in. Are you sure there aren't some corrupt files on it?

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    Not sure about corrupted files on it. I'm afraid to try it on another computer.

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    As Joshua points out, that shouldn't be happening.  It's possible the flash drive's control structures are damaged, or even that it is just bad hardware.  Did it only start acting up after you tried to open the jpeg files?  If so, re-connect it and then try repairing it with Disk Utility.