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  does anybody have any suggestion about  how to get daily report for iTunes U public site ?


The only information I've found is in iTunes U Administration Guide for Private Site  with the following example


http://deimos.apple.com/WebObjects/Core.woa/API/GetDailyReportLogs/example.edu? StartDate=2007-09-12&EndDate=2007-09-13 &credentials=Administrator@urn:mace:itunesu.com:sites:example.edu &identity=%22Jane+Doe%22+%3Cjdoe%40example.edu%3E+%28jdoe%29+%5B42%5D &signature=38bda70d9aa6975ae8756754034feb6e3c794aca4b21665f6dc85d2ed42d4f6b


but I do not understand how I can apply that for a public site.

How to get "credentials" ? What baout identity and signature? What I've is just my iTunes U Site Manger  account name and pssword.


Any help is very appreciated.


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    Find the  solution by myself.


      There are two iTunes U sites with different credentials: one is the original  iTunes U Public  before first activation and another created automatically by the activation process. The last is the actual iTunes U Public site

    managed by iTunes U Public Site Manger. The difference is the domain name of the site: if I  sign in using my domain name with "-dz" added at the the end, I can access the actual credentials (Site URL, Debug Suffix, Shared Secret, Administrator Credentials) that differs completely by the ones of the original iTunes site.

    No where I found information about that, neither I've received any notification mail about the domain name change after the site activation process.


      Hope that can help.