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Hi all my ipod touch says it has 1250 pics on it, i can view them all via ipod bu, when connected to pc it says there is no pictures and i have 100% free storage, how do i get my pictures back onto pc from ipod or even print them out off ipod or transfer to other device,

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    What is the source of the pictures?  If they were synced to the iPod from another computer then you need a third-party program like PhoneView or TouchCopy to transfer then to the another computer.

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    the pictures were synced from my pc, i had a backup of them too on a external HD but unfortunately my system crashed and i lost both copies, only copy i have left is on my ipod, when i connect to the pc it says there is no pictures  but i can clearly view and scroll through 1250 of them, will a programme like phoneview find them on my ipod if the computer wont ? if so do i need to purchase this programme or are they available to download


    thanks for any help

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    Yes a pprgram like PhoneView ill see them allow them to be transfered to the iPod.  I suggested that program and TouchCopy to another user taday and he said he purchased PhoneView and it worked great.  While one can find free programs to tansfer music from an iPod to a computer, I only know of paid programs for synced photos.