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When using iTunes on my Macbook, I cannot add apps (for ipod, ipad, etc. NOT for computer) to my Wish List.  When I try, a pop up error alert box says that "Your request is temporarily unable to be processed., to try again later."  The odd thing is that I can add music albums to my Wish List.  I am not trying to add previously bought apps, but new ones that I find that I might want later.  I used to be able to do this, but not as of recently.  I even updated my Itunes to see if that would help.  No effect.  Is it my wifi network,?  Any ideas of how to remedy this?

macbook (white), Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    Same problem... HELP!!

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    I got a fix by emailing itunes support through expresslane.  They deleted everything in my Wishlist (music, apps, etc.) and started from empty.  It worked.  This is their explanation:


    "To resolve the issue you mentioned, we have cleared the contents of your iTunes Store account's Wish List. Occasionally items are removed or modified on the iTunes Store.  If you have any items that you added to your Wish list some time ago, and these items have been removed or modified, this can occasionally cause a "dead link" to an item to be found in your Wish list, resulting in an error."



    Hope this helps.  You might want to do the same.

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    thanks for the info.  I (along with a few other people I see who made postings) have a similar problem with adding/subtracting music to my wish list for purchase. I cant remove any items that I had there for may be 30 days.  I can add but they never show up in the wish list nor dothey play when I clickpreview all.  I e-mailed apple support but I am on my 3rd e-mail explaining the same thing.  the personkeeps saying they removed the contents of my wish list but they have not.  this is a real communication glitch apple has.  I will wait another day (this is day two so far and no progress) and open another ticket.

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    I have the same problem as shoeshopper51. I tried everything I could do on my side, deleted preferences, loged my iTunes account out and in again etc. Support wrote they deleted my wish list, but that did not work. Now they don't respond to my emails any more. It looks to me like an access rights problem on Apples servers and an admin would have to resolve this, I guess.

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    Looks like the problem is solved. My wish list is now working normal again.

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    thanks.  i just by chance checked this morning. my wish list appears to be working as well.  I am able to remove items no longer wanted -- items i add now appear (even the apps I had sent to wish list to be downloaded which i forgot about). 


    after about 6 emails, the person had last indicated they were referring to their senior level support.  I still have not heard back that they have corrected the problem.  I'll give them a day or so to give me confirmation.

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    thanks.  I opened iTunes this morning and miraculously my wish list seems to be working.   i see one app i had added to be downloaded.  I am able to remove songs from wish list and add songs and preview all.


    last i heard from the customer service person was that they referred the issue to a senior level support person.  this after i sent them several screen shots of my wish list and the error about unable to add to existing wish list because ittem was already there.


    I have not heard from them that my issue is resolved.  I will give them a day or so to get back to me to confirm they fixed the problelm.


    very strange.  at least they acknowledged the problem did indeed exist as they referred me to the online user forum for possible solutions.  I indicated the problem persisted as early as June 2010 and as late as Jan 2012. and I had upgraded to ver 10.5.3 as well as remove and re-install even AFTER they kept telling me they removed my wishlist.