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I want to build a multi-zone whole house airplay audio system.  I used airplay very successfully at my old house and love the ability to independentaly control different airplay devices with the Remote app on my iphone. 


So, here is what I have in my new (old) house.  There are 10 pairs of speakers in various rooms throughout the house.  I'd like to create 10 different airplay zones utilizing 10 Airport Expresses and a multi channel amp.  I'd use the audio out on each express to feed the amp.  What I don't know is if I can place 10 airport expresses right next to each other without the wifi going crazy.  I thought about running CAT5 to that location and putting in a switch and feeding the extremes via CAT5 and disabling the wifi. 


Any suggestions if the above would work in a wifi configuaration?  I'm thinking I should go CAT5 though and disable wireless.




Thanks in advance.