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I think we have maybe used this ipod maybe less than 20 times and it just has gotten to the point where it won't work. I cannot turn it off, it won't charge- it's sits on this screen with a battery level in red with a orange triangle with an exclamation point and says "charging, please wait..." it has been doing that for a few days. I have hooked it up to regular power charger and USB to a computer with ITunes. Nothing. ITunes doesn't even recognize it. This is just really irritating me , because of all the apple products I have- this one has been the biggest pain in the you know what. It has the least usage and the most problems? What is the problem with that picture? I cannot reset it, it won't charge- what do I do? It was working fine, got frozen in playing or going to a song- used all of it's power frozen and won't recharge.

1.23.12 006.JPG

iPod classic, Windows 7