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I get freezes with my ati radeon 7500 video card, that i bought to drive my 23" from my g4 cube

When i look into the logs i find that
ATIRadeon::submit_buffer: Overflowed block waiting for FIFO space

when i boot in safe mode OR when i remove brutally the ati radeon extension from extensions loaded at startup, i don't get any freezes anymore.

So there is clearly a software issue linked to the ati software

Since i have the last tiger updates, i have the last ati extension.

Some other people don't get any problem, with same setup (ati 7500, cube)

I would like to know

- wether it is a hardware failure (i would have to change the ati card)
- wether it is a bad installation from me, linked to bad HD boot sectors or cache or who know what (i should make a clean install). Some people suggested that, and I wonder why.
- wether it is linked to the 23", being to big, but specs says otherwise (then no hope)
- wether it is a particular conflict with third parties software i might have intalled and should uninstall

Any ideas ?

powerbook G4 17 1,33 Ghz; Cube 450 Mhz   Mac OS X (10.4.2)  

powerbook G4 17 1,33 Ghz; Cube 450 Mhz upgraded 1,6 Ghz Gigadesigns, Mac OS X (10.4.5)