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Joaqu’n Rodrigo Garza PŽrez Level 1 (60 points)

Is anyone else experiencing this? I've read in these and the macrumors forums that some people has problems using minidisplay port to DVI adapters, but minidisplay port to VGA adapters work fine.


I've tested several displays (DELL, Samsung, LG), using both apple adapters MDP-DVI and MDP-VGA, connected to my 2009 iMac, 2010 MacPro though Mini display ports and to a 2011 MacMini through a Thunderbolt port, and in every case they work as they are supposed to, instant recognition, output video clear and bright, etc... but my MBP late 2011 can't connect to any display or projector. MBP doesn't "detect" any attached display, and the displays also state things like "VGA-PC Not Connected" or "DVI No Signal" or "No Signal Check Connection"


And yes i've tried the usual tricks, rebooted, OS is up to date... i've changed from Intel HD integrated card to the ATI RADEON discrete card and viceversa and still no video output.


Soooo i am assuming the thunderbolt port is either dead or there is something obviously wrong with the video- output... i don't have a thunderbolt cable to test the port using the MBP or the macmini as target disk.


Any Comments???