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Is there a way to reinstall Lion without using disk utility? My Mac started behaving funnily so I tried to reinstall the OS. I did NOT upgrade from Snow Leopard. The machine came preinstalled with Lion. So no hard copy. The online install failed and some threads here pointed to the online install not working for some machines (especially the early Lion machines). Time machine backup from ANOTHER Mac and restore worked for them so I tried the same. The TM backup was from the a Mac that was the same make/model (probably even the same batch off the assembly line as all were bought together). The backup suddenly crashed while in progress and disk utility started behaving weird as well. I restarted and now it's all gone. Holding the Option key shows no Lion Installer, no disk utility only my Windows partition. Is there a way to reinstall Lion without having to buy the $70 flash drive? I have other Macs with Lion installed. I also have a dmg image back up that I made while making a Bootcamp partition some time ago. Is there any way to get back my OS from those? Data loss is acceptable; eveyrthing is backed up.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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